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DB Nick Patterson (official thread)


Buckeye Beach Bum
Per Rivals and Bucknuts: He plays on both sides of the ball. 4.02 GPA.
Another great get for the Buckeyes. Man, do we have a bunch of DBs or what? The NC from 2002 is kicking into high gear. :biggrin:
ohiobuck94 said:
Per Rivals and Bucknuts: He plays on both sides of the ball. 4.02 GPA.
Another great get for the Buckeyes. Man, do we have a bunch of DBs or what? The NC from 2002 is kicking into high gear. :biggrin:

Next year we will have three defenses:
Quarter. :)

Either that, or we'll be the first team in the history of CFB to get penalized for 14 men on the field. :cool:
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I love the kid. I love the GPA. This is the type of guy you don't say no to. But how many speed guys do we have now? The number seems astronomical to me. I know you can interchange WR and DB to some extent, but man, we have some serious talent stacking up in the speed category. Power category seems a little sparse though.

Any of these DBs have an outside chance of moving to RB?
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doubt any move to RB, however some could grow and move down to LB... Of the offers left I'm sure at least two maybe three are being saved for OL, and I would think the staff would like to add another DL to the class.... we all know Davis will get one should he want one, and I think that about wraps the class up...
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comments from Patterson in regards to recruiting - another great JT recruit


While coaches recruiting a player are limited to one call a week, people working for the recruiting sites can make unlimited calls. Many of the area's top recruits acknowledge that they received far more calls from recruiting services than from college recruiters.

"Not even near close: It's by far the Internet people," said Nick Patterson, a wide receiver and safety at Hazelwood Central who orally committed to Ohio State in mid-January. "Some of them call different times a day and on weekends. I know they have to do their jobs, but they could be better about it. I liked dealing with the coaches. They're a lot more sensitive of your schedule. They won't call you when you're doing homework or after you're in bed."

Patterson said some of the recruiting service reporters seemed knowledgeable, though he said that the constant calls had pitfalls.

"You get asked the same question so many times and you better answer it exactly the same way, or those guys think you're changing your mind," said Patterson, who also considered Missouri, Notre Dame, UCLA and Wisconsin. "Sometimes, they take part of an answer and make it sound like I was saying something that I wasn't."
Patterson agreed, saying, "A lot of that stuff is overhyped, the tunnel and the jersey. The visits seem like they go in the exact same order, so it's hard to keep them straight by what you did." Patterson said that the key to his visits had nothing to do with the bells and whistles but with common sense.

"The more important part was talking to the people and getting to know them," he said. "It's the people you talk to that make the difference: how you fit in with the other players and how the coaches treat you." Patterson already has passed along to Hazelwood Central junior A.J. Jimmerson the advice that Patterson got from his father, Johnny. "When you're thinking about where you want to go, ask yourself what would happen if you got injured or couldn't play football," the younger Patterson said. "Where would you be happy? Where would you feel at home? That's where you belong."
and we are glad to have you Nick
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Nick Patterson cracks Rivals.com Top 25 Defensive Backs in their weekly "Power Rankings."

25 Nick Patterson S Ohio State 6-2/210 St. Louis, MO

Patterson delivered nine tackles - including eight solos - against Northern Illinois.
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CriticalSteve;603398; said:
What happened to Nick in Texas?
Russell got the start and Nick got 0 stats. Did he play?
The official site shows that Nick did not play, but I swear that I saw him make a tackle on special teams. Don't know why he didn't play on defense at all.
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if they played 52 guys in the first quarter as had been stated, i would be shocked to learn that he didn't play a snap, unless he was injured... was Donald Washington playing the Nickel? i thought he was a CB... who knows, really. all the kids can play...

edit: when i rewatch it later, i'll keep my eyes peeled for #23...
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Looking at the tape. I did see Patterson play.
Of note also it looked like A. Smith was playing some "nickel", he did very well.
Washington played short side a lot.
If I'm correct, this looks like Jenkins and Wash at corner. A. Smith at nickel.
Mitchell and A. Russ at safety. With Patterrson getting time at safety with Russell. ONeal got beat for the lone TD.
I like this arrangement very much! :biggrin:
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