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DB Donald Washington III (Official Thread)


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Donald Washington III
Wide Receiver / Athlete
Indianapolis Franklin Central
Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 180 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5 seconds
Bench max: 245 pounds
Bench reps: 12
Squat max: 365 pounds
Vertical leap: 39 inches
Shuttle time: 4.12 seconds
2003 stats (offense): 45 receptions, 797 yards, 7 TD's
2004 stats (offense): 42 receptions, 658 yards, 7 TD's
2004 stats (defense): 67 tackles, 4 INT's, 2 TD's
2004 stats (special): 29.2 yds per kick return; 19.8 yds per punt return
GPA: 3.3

Won state title in long jump as a sophomore and junior; placed second as a senior.

A possible "sleeper-athlete" who performed well at the OSU Nike camp, leading all attendees with a 39" verticle jump. His film (as a WR) is decent, but he didn't have many chances to showcase his speed as his QB underthrew him most of the time on fly routes. In one clip, however, he shows great football speed, as he makes the catch over the middle and proceeds to accelerate past no less than four defenders. He also plays DB.

He claims offers from Stanford and Eastern Michigan, and likes OSU, Michigan, Notre Dame, and several others; academics and distance will be factors in his decision. His high school coach played at Purdue, so the Boilermakers will be a major factor.

Overall, he is a raw prospect, with lots of athleticism, and just the type who could make huge strides as a senior. One to watch....
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Indy newspaper article on Washington


Last season, it was somewhat unexpected. This time, it was no surprise.

Franklin Central junior Donald Washington repeated as state long jump champion June 5 and has his sights set on a third next year.

Seeded No. 6 going into the finals, Washington scratched on his first two jumps before landing one that registered 23-43/4. Luckily, that was good enough to propel him to a state title, because he scratched twice more before spraining his ankle on his final attempt.

Washington, a three-sport athlete and one of only two nonseniors to win an individual state title this year, was not surprised that his only jump was the best anyone had on the day.

"Going in, I kind of knew I was going to win," said Washington, who finished fourth in the state meet as a freshman. "But I think it was harder than last year. This year I felt like I had a target on my back."

While Washington may be a gifted athlete, the titles have been the product of hours of hard work, according to head coach Jim Hoskins.

"Donald is definitely a leader who leads through work ethic," Hoskins said. "When your best leaders are your best athletes, that's pretty easy to coach."

Washington wants to win a third state title but has his eyes set on something else next year.

"I think (a third title) will be the hardest," he said. "I guess I'll have a target on my front and my back. But I won't care, if I get the state record (24-73/4)."

Washington plans to play football and run track in college, but he has no plans yet as to where.

In the meantime, Hoskins is thrilled to have him back for a final season.

"I think you'll see some explosions out of him next year," he said. "A repeat is a big deal -- there's a lot of pressure on returning champs. It's a tough gig."
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An indication we will not get Amos, or just having plan B in case we don't?
Right now, the Bucks' top two WR targets seem to be Andre Amos (OSU in final two with Purdue) and Selwyn Lymon (OSU in top 3 with Purdue and Michigan), and if both of them would commit, then Ohio State would likely be done recruiting WR's this year. Five-star guys like Fred Rouse and Derrick Williams are not realistic possibilities at this point, even though they haven't formally eliminated Ohio State.

Washington is in the second tier of WR's whom OSU is pursuing, along with Greg Orton, Brian Robiskie, Jessie Hester, Jr., and a few others.

Washington is somewhat of a "sleeper" - a great athlete (2-time state long jump champ, 39 inch verticle jump, 4.5 speed) with limited experience and production on the football field. With a big senior year, he could be a solid Big 10 prospect.
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LordJeffBuck said:
Washington is somewhat of a "sleeper" - a great athlete (2-time state long jump champ, 39 inch verticle jump, 4.5 speed) with limited experience and production on the football field. With a big senior year, he could be a solid Big 10 prospect.

Drew Carter II?
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nominated for AA game

Donald Washington III

"The state's long jump champion is also a blue chip football player at either the wide receiver or defensive back positions.

"Washington shows terrific athletic ability, the ability to make people miss after the catch and the skills to beat defenders deep. Shows good acceleration and burst off the line to go with excellent agility and body control.

"He's a big threat after the catch and knows how to get open."
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DW made the Indy All South team

Asked to describe the impact Donald Washington III had for Franklin Central this year, coach Lance Scheib said, "We only need about five guys to replace what he did."

Washington was the Flashes' leading receiver, with 658 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. He also averaged nearly 30 yards per kickoff return and 20 per punt return. The senior, who is mulling scholarship offers from Wisconsin, Ohio State, UCLA, Duke and Indiana, intercepted four passes, returning two for game-sealing touchdowns.

A tOSU offer for DW is news if true.
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