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David Duval imploding....

It would be nice to see him make the cut, but being +9 isnt help the cause. But it seems a lot of people are struggling...Tiger is +2 after 15, Sergio is +2 as well...

but the big name guys always turn it around in the end. I am kind of pulling for Duval to make the cut, so i hope he turns it around and gets a few birdies to help his cause...
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I feel for David, as an avid golfer and fan. I am not sure why he attempted to come back at the Open. I would actually have thought he might have tried to play in some minor tournaments prior to this.

I get the feeling that his psyche is as much the problem as is the technical portion of his game. No confidence can reak great havoc on ones ability to play at that level.
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tibor75 said:
Yes, poor unfortunate David Duval. How many millions has he made? no doubt you were upset over the misfortunes of Shack and Kobe this last week too.......right?
Look, camel-jockey, I don't gloat over the misfortunes of others at every possible opportunity. Kobe and Shaq have had their share of fortune, and now they're going through a rough time. Same with Duvall. Unlike you, I don't feel good because they're down, so that isn't a good analogy. You think it hilarious when other people suffer misfortune. Classy. I'm glad all those years of "med school" taught you so much.
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Comical responses all around.

Of course once again, the dipshit of the boards, has the funniest reply:
"You truly are a sorry little fuck. MililaniBuckeye"

I guess most of you don't realize that in any sporting event, somebody has to finish last. Just be happy it's a jerk like David Duval who deserves some humiliation instead of some struggling pro trying to make ends meet.
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