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David Boston Juiced.....


Boner Jamz '03

Are you guys sure hes on roids?:wink2:
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Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
crazybuckfan40 said:
He doesn't even look right for his body size. He is just too damn big. Why does a reciever need to be that big anyway. It probably just takes away from his speed.

I believe his speed stayed the same, if not improved. Back when I heard that I just could not figure out how he was doing it without steroids. Now we know.
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Well regardless of what people think. This happens everywhere in every sport. If you think it doesnt happen in high school your wrong. That's just the beginning. Think about it...Unfair advantage over the competition or maybe the competition has an unfair advantage over you. I'll say this if all pro and college sports wanna get technical about it they could own mostly any program they want.

To everyone that is blind to see that the use is there, open your eyes. You think tests matter? You think steroids don't have detection times? Steroids are the worst thing to happen to sports. There is no way you are ever going to totally eliminate them.
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