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Dampeer down the tubes?

wasn't he like the cat's meow back then... like one of the top three DLs???

don't know if JT decided against Moe or divine intervention was helping JT by having Moe go somewhere else .. we had our own Mo problems
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Dampeer was a 5 star DT that we pursued then all of a sudden backed off about a month before signing day, I think we were in his top 2 with OU. He made a significant jump on his SAT/ACT because he got extended time because of a learning dissability. He was cleared by the clearing house and was on the OU team, but I am guessing the JT & Co. got some inside information on this kids work ethic and realized that there was a good chance that if he did not change his ways he would not be sucessful. It appears that is the case.
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This is an interesting contrast w/ the Cooper years. Under Coop we wouldn't hear about OSU losing interest or yanking schollies, butwould have plenty of guys wind up as prop 48s or flunk off the team. While this has happened occasionally under Tressel-Hiley,Smith-for the most part he is dealing w/ the problems while the recruiting process is still going on, and takes flack for it, but is doing the team a service in the long run. Hope Dampeer has fun at Western Illinois or some other place like that.............
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