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Our church has no bells.
One of Gregory Lee's posts got me thinking about this, I'd like to know what is important to everybody. Not in the political discussion sense, etc., but what things/experiences/memories are personally important to you? I haven't really put a list together, but one would be: Walking back to the old Buckeye Inn wet and freezing after we beat State Penn in '98.
-Hearing the victory bell in the stadium tower ringing as I leave The 'Shoe.
-Going back to Columbus with my best friend from college to watch Buckeye games and hang out.
-OSU vs. scUM in ann arbor, Tressel's first season- singing "Carmen Ohio" with the fans and the team in the pig house after a long overdue victory.
-Being in Tempe for the Championship.
-Ohio State- everything about it is important to me. :osu4:

-Drinking a really kick-ass Cabernet Sauvignon with the perfect filet mignon.
-The day I found out that I'd passed the CPA exam.
-When I bought my first house- right after closing, I got a Subway sub and a six-pack, and sat on the floor in the living room eating dinner in my own house.
-The feeling of freedom from any worries or problems that I get riding my mountain bike through the woods on a tough trail.
-Connecting perfectly with my driver off the tee, watching the ball fly straight down the fairway.
-The day I got married.
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My youngest one was born under very bad circumstances. I stood in the OR and watched as my wife had an emergency c-section. My daughter came out with the cord in three knots, wrapped around her body numerous times. She had no pulse, was not breathing and was an ugly grey color. The NICU doctor was in there in a flash and I listened as he worked frantically to get her going. CPR, drugs and oxygen were all administered. I had to attend to my wife who was unaware of the entire situation. I watched as they sewed my wife up counting every pad and instrument to make sure they had not left any behind. Then I went to the NICU expecting the worse. When I got there there they had just inserted a breathing tube into my daughter. She pulled it out. I figured with that attiude she was going to be alright. She is one ornery, intelligent, full of life kid today who can do little wrong as far as I'm concerned.

There have been some threads here and on BN about playing football in the cold. I played on a very good high school football team. I do not remember hearing the band, the cheerleaders of the fans throughout the season. It seemed to me the games occurred in slow motion. Our last game was in a freezing, snow storm. At the end of the game we had won and I was instantly aware of the cold, the noise and everything else going on around me. Everyone else was freezing and hauled ass towards the locker room. I stood there and then slowly walked toward my teammates. My defensive coordinator came back to ask me if I was OK. I guess at that point I realized that phase of my life was over and I would miss it. I played college football but it never had the same impact.

Most of my friends from Ohio and I have been through life's little ups and downs. Divorce, bad hearts, cancer deaths, job loss and bankruptcy to name a few. We still get together every year after Thanksgiving to go deer hunting. It is not about the hunt. We drink, lie, laugh and tell stories about each other. As long as I walk the face of this earth I will be there each week after thanksgiving.
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We still get together every year after Thanksgiving to go deer hunting. It is not about the hunt. We drink, lie, laugh and tell stories about each other.

Sounds like a hell of a good time.

For me, I don't know, mine are more of the simple stuff.

Other than my kids and watching them grow and the fun they get from sports.

One of the coolest things is when I was single. (background) My Parents bought about 55 acres in the Marysville area when I was about 5, we moved when I was 18. I used to go there when I was looking to get away, it was especially cool in the winter (no bugs for one) and sit on a stump and throw rocks in the creek, for what seemed like hours. Then when it was time to walk back to the house I almost always took the long way. The smell of the fireplace a couple hundred yards before coming out of the woods was just awesome. I miss that.

If I had to name a "credo" it would be

"Be a man" but sometimes I like acting like a little kid :biggrin:
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I'm glad everything worked out, 'Nola. I know a little about that kind of thing. We had some similar experiences with my older daughter. She coded twice on me and we got her back. The one thing she's not allowed to do now is eat hot dogs, because of the risk that the casing will get caught in her esophagus. I'm going to chew her out when I get home (not too badly) because I heard she ate a tofu corndog yesterday. She's an incredibly tough kid and I'm grateful everyday that she's with us. It's a hell of a thing to be able to admire one's six- year-old.

The point of this thread was really to demonstrate that everybody here is more alike than different. We all have and appreciate things in life, good and bad, and those things define who we are.

I like the way a rugby ball feels different in my hands in the middle of a match than it does at any other time and the way it feels to be completely immersed in the game.

I regret that I was pissed off at the photographer's wife for being so intrusive at my wedding recetion and that I have what can best be described as a scowl on my face in the picture of us cutting the cake.

I like the way I feel like part of the world sea kayaking in any part of the world.
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You're cool. He invited you to the beach, right.
Of course you're buying the beer and that is my favorite type, free!

I also love the way a cold beer tastes on Fridays after I have mowed my lawn.

It is cool to see that trees I planted when I built my house are so full and tall now. I used to tell me daughter they would grow faster if she talked to them. We would walk around the yard saying "Grow trees, Grow".
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bucknola and rugbybuck - I'm glad everything has worked out for your families. My twin boys were born 12 weeks early and had numerous problems and gave us plenty of scares in their first few weeks of life. They spent 7 weeks in the NICU and that was hell on my wife and I. It's very hard to not be able to hold your kids when they are born... we had to wait a week to hold them and even then they were hooked up to so much equipment you could barely make out the baby. The only thing we were able to do was rub thier backs and hope that they squeezed our fingers. They were both on vents for over a week and then on and off at times after that. My oldest (by three minutes :) ) had a 4th degree bleed in his head which has left him with mild cerebral palsy on his right side (he is doing excellent now thanks to some great physical therapists). My other son came within millimeters of needing heart surgery to close a valve that didn't close when he was born. The doctors gave him one last shot with medication to close the valve and they could not beleived it worked (they told us there was a 90%-95% chance he would need the surgery). When they finally came home they were on monitors and oxygen but we were so happy to have them home it didn't matter. Anyway... I love OSU footaball and I have a lot of good things in my life but nothing compares to my kids. I will do anything to make my kids happy. If I can get them to laugh and smile it has been a good day and everyday is a good day. Now I have little girl on the way so I can't wait to see how her brothers interact with her. I'm glad she will have two older brothers to look out for her. :)
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Congratulations, LoKy. Twin miracles. Cheers. Glad everyone is doing well.

Not to bring down the thread, but since my last post, I've found out that a client's two-year-old was run over and killed yesterday. I wouldn't even begin to know how to deal with that. All I can say is love them, raise them right, and make sure they know that you always have their back.
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rugbybuck said:
Not to bring down the thread, but since my last post, I've found out that a client's two-year-old was run over and killed yesterday. I wouldn't even begin to know how to deal with that. All I can say is love them, raise them right, and make sure they know that you always have their back.

That is sad to hear. My boys are just over two and I can't imagine what it would be like to go through that. What a terrible thing for the family. I'll give my boys and extra hug tonight.
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That is so sad, I worry alot, the kids just don't pay attention (neither do some of the adults). That is why we bought a house on a court.

Thanks for the beach invite guys, I'll have the wife shave my back :rofl:

Seriously as long as everyone can dig some Miller Lite's, I am in :cheers:
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