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Maybe a vbook on a few of these??

<META content="The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, Ohio's Daily Newspaper" name=description>Thursday, February 03, 2005

i gave a similar excuse for that as i did for the reynolds deal

"vrabel was just helping him with a slef exam...wouldnt want him to end up like lance" also worth noting is all the guys on espn have siad in a pile how in the heck do you know whose hands it is.

and for reynolds my response was like "he knew he was choking we just dont teach the hymlech(however the hell its spelled)"
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more crazy odds

<TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 width=200 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=notch_medium>Favorite </TD><TD class=notch_medium></TD><TD class=notch_medium>Underdog</TD></TR><TR><TD class=notch_light>New England </TD><TD class=notch_light>7</TD><TD class=notch_light>Philadelphia</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

Total points: 48

Game odds: New England 5:2

First half

<TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 width=200 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=notch_medium>Favorite </TD><TD class=notch_medium></TD><TD class=notch_medium>Underdog</TD></TR><TR><TD class=notch_light>New England </TD><TD class=notch_light>4</TD><TD class=notch_light>Philadelphia</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>


Total points: 24

First quarter: 8 points

Second quarter: 14 points

Third quarter: 10 points

Fourth quarter: 14 points



Total net yards: 666

New England: 339

Philadelphia: 333

Third-down conversations made: 11

New England: 6

Philadelphia: 5

First downs: 39

New England: 21

Philadelphia: 19

Longest touchdown: 43 yards

First player to score a touchdown:

Corey Dillon: 4:1

Brian Westbrook: 6:1

Daniel Graham: 8:1

Deion Branch: 10:1

Kevin Faulk: 10:1

David Givens: 10:1

Freddie Mitchell: 10:1

Troy Brown: 13:1

Donovan McNabb: 13:1

Dorsey Levens: 15:1

L.J. Smith: 15:1

David Patten: 15:1

Todd Pinkston: 18:1

Tom Brady: 20:1

Josh Parry: 30:1

Field: 5:1

No touchdown scored: 100:1

Odds that Westbrook does not score a touchdown: 9:5

Odds that Dillon scores a touchdown: 8:5


First pass interception:

Lito Sheppard: 7:1

Brian Dawkins: 7:1

Rodney Harrison: 8:1

Eugene Wilson: 9:1

Sheldon Brown: 9:1

Michael Lewis: 9:1

Ike Reese: 9:1

Asante Samuel: 9:1

Roderick Hood: 9:1

Tedy Bruschi: 10:1

Willie McGinest: 12:1

Field: 5:1


Sacks: 5

New England: 2 1/2

Philadelphia: 2


Shortest rushing touchdown: 2 yards

Total rushing yards:

New England: 122

Philadelphia: 109


Rushing yards: Dillon 98; Westbrook 74

Longest rush: Dillon 19, Westbrook 18

Pass receptions: Westbrook 6; Dillon 1

Rushing attempts: Dillon 23; Westbrook 12

Receiving yards: Westbrook 55; Dillon 10

First rush: Dillon 4; Westbrook 4


Passing touchdowns: 5

Pass completions: 41

Interceptions: 2

Pass completion percentage

New England: 60%

Philadelphia: 60%

Touchdown passes: New England 2, Philadelphia 2

Gross passing yards: McNabb 253, Brady 237

Completions: McNabb 21, Brady 20

Longest completion: McNabb 42, Brady 38 yards

Pass attempts: McNabb 33, Brady 31

Net rushing yards: McNabb 28, Brady 6

First rush: McNabb 7 yards, Brady 3 yards

Rushing attempts: McNabb 4, Brady 3


First punt: 43 yards

First made field goal: 35 yards

Punts: 9

Field goals: 3

Longest field goal: 44 yards

Shortest field goal: 25 yards

Field goals attempted: 5

Field goals missed: 1

Points scored

Adam Vinatieri: 8

David Akers: 7

Kickoff returns: 9

Kickoff return yards

Bethel Johnson: 64 yards

Roderick Hood/J.R. Reed: 71 yards

The game's first punt will be:

Caught: 2:1

Hit the ground: 2:1

Touchback: 3:1

Go out of bounds in the air: 10:1

Be blocked or tipped: 15:1


Coin flip: 1:1


Penalties: 12

New England: 7

Philadelphia: 7

Fumbles lost: 1

Largest lead of the game: 14 points


Game will never be tied after first score: 3:2

New England will score first: 8:5

New England will score last: 6:5

Team that scores first and last wins: 2:1

Game's first touchdown will be a pass: 2:1

Longest punt will be by D. Johnson: 6:5

Shortest punt will be by Josh Miller: 6:5

There will be no blocked punts: 7:1

No special-teams or defensive touchdowns: 8:5

No two-point conversions attempted: 7:5

No two-point conversions made: 5:1

The game will not go to overtime: 10:1

First sack: New England: 6:5

No safeties: 12:1

No missed extra-point attempts: 15:1

There will be a turnover: 8:1

There will be a fumble recovery and a pass interception: 7:5

Philadelphia will hold a lead: 2:1

Most passing yards: McNabb, -10

Most punts: New England, 11:10

First punt: Philadelphia, 3:2

Last punt: New England, 7:5

Most turnovers: Philadelphia, 8:5

First fair catch: New England, 6:5

First touchdown pass: Brady 8:5

First team to cross midfield: New England, 6:5

First turnover: Philadelphia, 6 1/2:5

Most turnovers: Philadelphia, 8:5

Longest field goal: New England, 6:5

Longest kickoff return: Philadelphia, 6:5

Longest touchdown: New England, 7:5

Shortest field goal: Philadelphia 6:5

Recover first fumble: New England: 7:5

First turnover: Philadelphia, 6:5

Play stands on first coach's challenge: 2:1

No defensive touchdown or kickoff/punt return for touchdown: 8:5

One team will score three unanswered times: 8:5

The first holding or pass interference call will be against Philadelphia: 6:5

Time of possession: N.E., -3 1/2 minutes

Final score differential will be an odd number: 8:5

Odds against winning the MVP:

Tom Brady: 2:1

Donovan McNabb: 4:1

Corey Dillon: 6:1

Brian Westbrook: 8:1

Terrell Owens (if he plays): 10:1

Dorsey Levens: 12:1

Adam Vinatieri: 15:1

Deion Branch: 20:1

David Givens: 20:1

Troy Brown: 25:1

Rodney Harrison: 30:1

Tedy Bruschi: 30:1

Brian Dawkins: 30:1

Jeremiah Trotter: 30:1

Jevon Kearse: 30:1

Field: 8:1


Odds against Fox's telecast being among the top 5 Super Bowls ever watched: 1:5

Odds that Fox's Super Bowl telecast will be the most watched ever: 1:1
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