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Crap or get off the pot...


The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • Either hire Knight now or move on. Ky-rist, how long does it take these bureaucratic morons to decide who they want more as a coach? Any coaching candidate will have some baggage if you look hard enough. Just hire Knight and return our program to national prominence.
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    Apparently Knight is on a hunting trip and will be returning to Lubbock any day now. The powers that be at Texas Tech want him to sign the extension he verbally agreed to, sooner rather than later. Geiger is going to have to decide real soon whether he wants Knight or not.
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    From what I understand, Knight has verbally agreed to his TT contract but has yet to sign it. All the scuttlebutt I hear makes me think that he is genuenly interested in the job. BUT, I have also heard that night said he is willing to talk about the job IF the offer is on the table. NOT just to discuss the possiblility, but only if OSU says "Bobby, the job is yours, lets talk about the details." NOT, "Bobby, let's talk about the details and then we'll decide if you get the job." There is a BIG difference in the 2 scenarios.

    EDIT: facinating article that just came across ESPN about Knight and the possibility he will come to OSU.
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    The latest ESPN article makes it sound like they are trying to line up the support at OSU before they officially talk to him. I hope that is true. I would love to see him back home. I just keep reminding myself of the rumors of Chucky being on the plane to Columbus for the football job a few years ago. I just keep waiting for some official word from the university.

    Also, everything I have read said the extension is in place, it just needs to be signed by RMK.
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    would Knight want to coach for a team that may very well be on probation?
    That's a good point- how do you think this will affect our hunt for a coach? I'd guess that a coach from a smaller school, for whom this would be a big step up, would probably take the job anyway knowing that when the probation ends, he's in the driver's seat at a Big Ten program.

    But with a coach who's already established nationally, could this be a deterrent?
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    I believe Knight would love to finish his career at his Alma Mater and he would certainly be embraced by the masses.

    There is no need to interview or play games if they are serious about Knight. You know what he brings to the table after all of these years. Either that is what Geiger wants or it isn't.

    Knight is really in the drivers seat on this if OSU wants him. I wouldn't waste my time talking about the possibility either if I were Knight. I would simply tell Geiger make me an offer or look elsewhere.
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    tibor75 said:
    would Knight want to coach for a team that may very well be on probation?
    I think Knight would be the first one to come if probation is an issue. I don't think he feels he needs to prove anything anymore.

    I have been against his return but am starting to think it may be the right thing to get us on track. Plus the romantic notion of going back to your roots to finish your career is MADE FOR TV - -I'm sure it would be better than the movie LOOSIERS

    I haven't had the same excitement for BBall since Gary Williams left. We are a top 5-10 University, We deserve a top 10 team year in year out
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