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Coop is doing the game for ESPN 9/4/04


I hate tsun
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Former Ohio State coach John Cooper will be in the television booth this week as the analyst for ESPN Plus. "Coop" spent 13 years as the Buckeyes' head coach, compiling an overall record of 111-43-4 from 1988 to 2000.

Not enough time has passed, the wounds are too fresh. I still loath this brain dead hick and do not want to have to listen to him do his Yogi Berra impersonation for 60 minutes.

What grievous sin was committed by the Buckeye Nation that has warranted our continued exposure to Coop? Why can't he just go away and leave us with the painful memories?

2-10-1....'nuff said.
I think Coop does a good job with his analysis, though I admit he does sound like a moron, not really that charismatic...and sure, he wasn't a great coach, but he did a good job...he should get a little more credit than he gets
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buckeyebri said:
Every time he talks about a freshman playing early and says "if a dog is going to bite, it will bite as a pup"....everybody drinks.....

I'm in as long as Hurricane Frances doesn't ruin my weekend, as it looks like I'm getting evacuated. Hello plywood.

If the Hurricane misses I'll be more than glad to digests Coop's poop. (so to speak).
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Cooper is not my favorite that is for sure. Why.

1) He didn't have any discpline or control of his team
2) He didn't beat scUM
3) He didn't understand Ohio State Tradition and why what he did was so important.
4) His "Too many slow white boys" comment
5) His comercialism when he got here (The Coop Towel, what a stupid idea)

Still overall I think Coop is a class act, and a good person. He gave us some good lines, and without him I probably wouldn't have the hatred for scUM that I currently have.

All of that said I am glad that I don't have to listen to his uhh.... "analysis"
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What grievous sin was committed by the Buckeye Nation that has warranted our continued exposure to Coop?
Good question, Jax. I don't think we did anything to deserve this. It's the good deeds that never go unpunished. Life is unfair.

But you could look at it this way ...at least it's not Mike Gottfried. Did you hear that poor guy trying to speak English the other night during the USC/VT game? It was sad. Putting together complete sentences, with verbs and stuff, was obviously way more than he could handle. I think ESPN must get some kind of federal tax credit for employing these guys. Trev Albert, Mike Gottfried and now the Coopster.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, get jobs at ESPN.
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