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Coolest thing you've seen in NCAA 2005 so far?


hipster doofus
I was playing online in the OT Challenge thingy, me w/ OSU at Florida. I was on defense second, and I sealed the win w/ a user pick by Schlegel. After I dove to the ground, Schlegel turned to the crowd and did that Gator Chomp thing toward the crowd for a good 10 secs. It was pretty funny. What was also cool was that my players were still named online instead of reverting back to completely generic rosters.
Donte Whitner had an incredible pick. I was playing a zone blitz coverage and whitner came forward tipped the ball straight into the air (about 10 feet straight up), caught the ball and returned it straight through the opposing offense 50 yards for a TD. I replayed that at least a dozen times.

This game is amazing!
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