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Congrats on the win.....it looks like you

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and Purdue might be the best in the Big Ten. Michigan is going to really struggle with a freshman QB..SDSU is terrible and for the game to be that close is pretty sad. Oh Well, Congrats on the game


hipster doofus
SDSU is not terrible. Playing close games in the 'Shoe and the OutHouse in back to back seasons are no coincidence. M*ch*g*n, on the other hand, sucks, has always sucked, and will continue to suck forever to infinity!
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
I agree with wstripes on the part about us and Purdue being the two best teams in the Big Ten. The game at Purdue is looking like the toughest game on the schedule right now. We'll find out more about scUM after they play Iowa this weekend.
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17-3 since 2001
I'm just glad Ohio State chose this game to win the turnover battle. We obviously could get away with it in the first two games, because we were just too strong for Cincy and Marshall. But the turnovers were key against a team like N.C. State. I really think they are going to have a good season. There defensive scheme was perfect. Zwick had no time to throw and was just smart in not trying to force passes into converage. N.C. State had 7 points not off turnovers and Ohio State had 6. Good defensive battle. I love it!
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Former Premier League Champ
The Big 10 is still wide open. Purdue, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Meshitagain, Iowa...there isn't much to be determined from the "preseason" games. It will be a fun conference year (I hope, that is)
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