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I have been thinking that in a few years or so I may want to get invlolved in a mens club such as the Lions, Elk's or something similar who's primary goal is to help the community. Having a son that had reconstructive back surgery I have tremendous respect for the Shriners but the group as a whole seems to be more retired gentlemen.

Any ideas .......

start your own frat :)
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Becoming a Shriner is a process, not something you just jump into. Shriners are a division of Free Masonry. I am a 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason. But I am not yet a Shriner. If you want to discuss Masonry via PM or in this thread, I'll gladly do so.

Lions is a great organization too. I have friends who members of a Lions Club.
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I know of several Masons on this board... not one of them is retired (or close to retirement)... might depend on the local makeup of your area though...

Many folks in my family hav used the mason's as a way to reach out and help the community (small children in particular)... they are a good organization imo...
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