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College Football Right Meow: Week 6

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by jlb1705, Oct 7, 2015.

By jlb1705 on Oct 7, 2015 at 11:54 AM
  1. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    Hi friends its Poobert. Josh is gone this week so he sed hed let me rite about college football. He said he was going to Lost Vegas. He sed it was for “work”. I do not beleev him. I no wut kind of stuff goes on there. Ive been around the litter box a time or too.

    Ive become pritty gud at this college football thing. Ive seen how many peeple Im beeeting in pickem. I keep heering evry week that Im doing a gud job so I told Josh that if he wuz going to dich me to go on a trip that he shud make himself useful. I gave him sum munny to put on this weeks games. Hes said hes going to put sum munny down too, but on difrent games. We will see hoo wins the most.

    The last few weeks wer practis. Now its on for reel. Now we will see who the reel fukface is!

    My picks:

    Oklahoma (-17.0) vs Texas[​IMG]
    Wisconsin (+1.5) at Nebraska[​IMG]
    Navy (+14.0) at Notre Dame[​IMG]
    East Carolina (+7.5) at BYU[​IMG]
    Miami (+9.5) at Florida State[​IMG]
    Joshs picks:

    Illinois (+11.0) at Iowa[​IMG]
    Northwestern (+7.5) at M*ch*g*n[​IMG]
    TCU (-9.0) at Kansas State[​IMG]
    Cal (+7.0) at Utah[​IMG]
    Florida (-5.5) at Missouri[​IMG]
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Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by jlb1705, Oct 7, 2015.

    1. Sgt Brutus
      Sgt Brutus
      Hey Poo, what's your lock bet of the week?
    2. cincibuck
      Ol' Omniscient Oscar got the picks here. Eat poop and die, Poobert, I done cleaned yur kloc las week, 9 rite to yur punk ass 7 and I'm gonna to takes yur kibbles again this week.
      1a OMG, whuts dun happen to them 'horns. I'd sooner be an Okie fan this Saturday. Okie and I hear the sound of restless natives and the win comes right befor the rein of Charlie ends..
      2a Wisky and Nebbie for 3rd place in the West? Oh my, toss the coin - heads its Bucky, tails it's Bucky by a point.
      3a Navee over at Notre Dame - whuts worse, drunken sailors or drunken Irishmen? I like the Irish. Well I actually hate the Irish, but I'm saying they win.
      4a Bring 'em young, or bring 'em old, but bring 'em. Who knows this year? But they're at home from mission, so Bring 'em
      5a Wish it cud be ol' wide right time, but this 'cane been downgraded to a slight breeze. Someone hide the crab legs.

      1b You can bet ol' COY bin a strategizin' away waitin' for this one. Where hav you gone, Dik Butkus? Hawky.
      2b Northwestern? It's about time for the wheels to fall off that cart. This 'll get the Crazy Mazies all belivin' just 'for the axe falls on them too. Wolverinies.
      3b Not a good week for purple or cats. Who knows what TCU's real colors are - you out there BN27? - black, gray and Nike white? I think thas them. Frogs. By a lot.
      4b Cal over these two Utes? ESPN dolts bin pushin' Utes as the best team in the world bein 's how they punched Harbaugh. I think they gud nuff to beat Cal.
      5b Welcome to the real SEC Mizzou. Gator gonna steal your welcome matt and chomp yo defence.

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      Last edited: Oct 8, 2015

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