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Clemson track athlete attacked by Noles


an imbecility, a stupidity without name
This isn't meant to revel in the bad behavior of other programs, but I just thought this was the most bizarre story. Here are some links:



Apparently in Austin TX he was provoked into getting into an altercation with at least four or more FSU track athletes, two of which were also on the football team at an NCAA sponsered event. After he refused to get involved and left the event, he was jumped by a few of the guys on the FSU squad. He had to have stitches in his face from being hit by a bottle and did injure one of the FSU members by defending himself. Luckily, he was cleared by authorities because he was defending himself. At least two of the FSU athletes could be charged with a felony. I heard he is back and Clemson and is ok. Hopefully, nothing more will come out of this feud between us and the Criminoles and we can take it out on them on the field instead of stooping to their level and acting like thugs. I'm sure this will add feul to the fire of our game this year.