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Chris Fowler on Jim Rome


Watson, Crick & A Twist
Bulk of interview about BCS and who's getting screwed (answer says Fowler U of Texas).

Then Rome to Fowler -- NCAA back in Columbus, (paraphrasing) you read the Friend article in ... will they find anything?

Fowler -- (Paraphrasing) -- with all the stuff alleged it seems like there would be some fire with all that smoke.

On the other hand -- MoC -- anyone who's had any dealings with him knows he is "sketchy" They'll need to really have paper to back up each and every claim. (Implied not easy to do).

Rome also raised other article on JT / YSU / Ray Isaac's
Fowler -- On JT - too smart to risk 7-figure salary, life-time reputation and the program by doing exactly what was alleged. He's on the team already - no need for an "inducement" doesn't make sense.

Closing -- Fowler -- don't know what the truth is - so much smoke, expect some fire.. Don't know if allegations true but it does pique your interest...

My Impression - Fowler sounded less like he was backing Friend than he was backing off from the key allegations and diminishing expectations that NCAA will find anything significant.

Now back to Beat sCUM Week