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Goal Goal USA!
Staff member
Former FF The Deuce Champ
Apr 6, 2004
Camp Hill, PA
Zurp said:
Maybe this is the wrong forum to be asking this question, but what's the point of having a reserve on an eBay item? Why not have the minimum bid be $400?
well usually you dont tell people what the reserve is, so when you have an item and you dont know how much it is worth or how much it will go for, putting a reserve on it will prevent you from getting screwed.

if you start at a low minimum bid you generate a little more buzz and get more people interested.
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Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession
Aug 19, 2004
Shaker Hts, Ohio
R0CK3TM4NN said:
If Ginn indeed wore that jersey, then the phrase "shows minimum wear/usage" is hilarious...

HA! That would be GREAT!!!! Then again, he got tripped up on the JZ block play, and he got pushed out of bounds on the screen pass, and he got mobbed by his own team mates in the endzone. That could be minimum wear, I guess.
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