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Check this lame SCUM fan's creation out...


Employee of tha munf
I found this surfin' for Buckeye stuff on ebay Saturday night, while I was getting drunk by myself.


I had to call this guy out. Here is my message and his "witty" retort. :tongue2:

Dear wookieem,

You asked:
"You're gay ass team must really like suckin dick a whole f*ckin lot, since they keep showing up every 2 years to "cumblowus" and get beat like the whore that Ann Arbor is. How lame"

Your comments are what I expect from an OSU fan. It?s also obvious that you?re not a graduate. I am sure you?re from 20 minutes away and drive a pickup truck and let me guess you voted for Bush. I really made the shirt because Columbus has the largest concentration of gay people in the United States accord to the 2004 census. I hope you?re not offended. Please enjoy your 2005 Sanctions from the NCAA for cheating. Its not cool to pay players. Oh yea... by the way... I have sold 417 shirts in the last 16 months... That?s over $4,000.00. I am sure the farm doesn't pay you that well. I hope you enjoy the game next year with your sister/girlfriend in cumblowus Ohio. You have won 3 out of the last 11 games between us... I am so proud of you. Good thing your A.D.D and can't remember the cooper years. Thanks for the memories... Too bad your team won't be bowl eligble for the next couple of years... CHEATERS
I have yet to respond to this douche. I figured some of you's guys might have fun helping me out.