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tBBC Chase Farris, Jalin Marshall, and Tyvis Powell sign Undrafted Free Agent Deals

Joe Dexter

Chase Farris, Jalin Marshall, and Tyvis Powell sign Undrafted Free Agent Deals
Joe Dexter
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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Every player that was draft eligible for the Ohio State Buckeyes, has landed on an NFL team before the start of training camp.

Urban Meyer, who had 12 players drafted to their respected teams by the end of the weekend, is all smiles after three others signed contracts to work their way onto a team as undrafted free agents.

After the final selection of the 2016 NFL Draft on Saturday night, wide receiver Jalin Marshall signed on to join former Buckeye Devin Smith and fellow Buckeye teammate Darron Lee as a member of the Jets.

He figures to be the under receiver to compliment his former teammate that has been dangerous his whole football career at going over the top of defenses.

Safety Tyvis Powell will look to etch his name into the “Legion of Boom”in Seattle. He’ll join teammate Nick Vannett and our MaliBuckeye in The Emerald City, after leaving Ohio State a year early. Anyone that is willing to judge him for taking off from Columbus too soon, doesn’t know the full story. Powell has already secured his degree from The Ohio State University. Now, he’ll further his football education under Pete Carroll and secondary coach Andre Curtis.

You know those two tackle spots that Ohio State needs to replace before the start of the 2016 campaign? Taylor Decker and Chase Farris leave some big shoes to fill in Columbus. They’ll both be taking their clodhoppers to Detroit, as members of the Detroit Lions.

Farris is a prospect that has been under the radar during the draft process, but a fair amount of teams have shown interest. The senior lineman who proved to be versatile during his time in Columbus, was not invited to the NFL Combine. Yet, he did hold personal workouts for several teams during the process.

Decker and Riley Reiff will probably start at tackle for the Lions in 2016, but there will be fierce competition for playing time and the backup roles at each spot. Farris should get a good shot at making the Lions roster.

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