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CFN three year scores.


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<TABLE cellSpacing=3 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top width="100%" bgColor=#ffffff>I am officially predicting that after this coming year, not only will we pass miami but we will topple that top score they mentioned in this article, as we will likely gain 3 points for total wins, 2 points for quality wins, a slight bump in conference winning percentage..

1. Miami
94.33 2003 Ranking: 1
Program Analysis: Not only does Miami remain number one in the rankings, it isn't even close scoring 5.53 points more than number two Ohio State. What's even more remarkable is how the Canes are still so far ahead of the pack with a mediocre Attendance Score. Miami has won so many games, sent so many players to the NFL and have been so dominant in Big East play that it might be a long time before a program scores this high again. How loaded have the Canes been? They've had 15 first round draft picks over the last three seasons. Now the real work begins as the Canes play in the far tougher ACC.

Total D-I Wins from 2001-2003: 34
Graduation Score: 5.5
Attendance Score: 5.83
- 2003: 58,135, 2002: 69,539, 2001: 47,162
Quality Wins from 2001-2003: 21
- 2003: Florida, at Boston College, West Virginia, at Florida State, at Pittsburgh, Florida State
2002: at Florida, Boston College, Florida State, at West Virginia, at Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech
2001: at Pittsburgh, Troy State, at Florida State, at Boston College, Syracuse, Washington, at Virginia Tech, Nebraska
Players Drafted Score from 2001-2003: 14
- 2004: S Sean Taylor, TE Kellen Winslow, LB Jonathan Vilma, LB D.J. Williams, OG Vernon Carey, DT Vince Wilfork, LB Darrell McClover, DB Alphonso Marshall, OT Carlos Joseph
2003: WR Andre Johnson, DE Jerome McDougle, RB Willis McGahee, DT William Joseph, DE Andrew Williams, DE Jamaal Green, DE Matthew Walters, QB Ken Dorsey
2002: OT Bryant McKinnie, TE Jeremy Shockey, CB Phillip Buchanon, S Ed Reed, CB Mike Rumph, RB Clinton Portis, OG Martin Bibla, RB Najeh Davenport, DB James Lewis, WR Daryl Jones, OT Joaquin Gonzalez
Conference Winning % Score from 2001-2003: 9.5
Elite Win Score: 4.5
- 2003: at Florida State, Florida State ... 2001: Syracuse, Nebraska
Bad Losses: 0

</TD></TR><TR><TD width="100%" bgColor=#ffffcc>2. Ohio State ... Score: 88.8 2003 Ranking: 7
Program Analysis:
With 25 wins, two BCS appearances and a national championship over the last two seasons, Jim Tressel's Ohio State Buckeyes has been college football's second best program over the last three seasons. The 7-5 2001 season brings things down a little bit, but the Buckeyes are out-of-this-world in almost every other category with top Attendance and Players Drafted scores. Ohio State has always had great fan support and NFL talent, but Tressel is getting the victories, sometimes with smoke and mirrors, winning nearly 80% of Big Ten games since 2001. If 2004 can be a ten-win season, OSU will make a serious run at the top spot.

Total D-I Wins from 2001-2003: 32
Graduation Score: 5

Attendance Score: 10.40 - 2003: 104,870, 2002: 103,488, 2001: 103,532
Quality Wins from 2001-2003: 15
- 2003: NC State, Bowling Green, Iowa, Michigan St, Purdue, Kansas St2002: Texas Tech, Washington State, at Wisconsin, Penn State, Minnesota, at Purdue, Michigan, Miami
2001: at Michigan
Players Drafted Score from 2001-2003: 13.5
- 2004: DE Will Smith, CB Chris Gamble, WR Michael Jenkins, TE Ben Hartsock, DT Tim Anderson, P B.J. Sander, DE Darrion Scott, C Alex Stepanovich, DB Will Allen, QB Craig Krenzel, WR Drew Carter, LB Robert Reynolds, OT Shane Olivea, OG Adrien Clarke
2003: S Mike Doss, DE Kenny Peterson, LB Cie Grant, LB Matt Wilhelm, DB Donnie Nickey
2002: C LeCharles Bentley, CB Derek Ross, RB Jonathan Wells, TE Darnell Sanders, RB Jamar Martin, LB Courtland Bullard, OT Tyson Walter, QB Steve Bellisari
Conference Winning % Score from 2001-2003: 7.9
Elite Win Score: 5
- 2003: Bowling Green, Iowa ... 2002: Washington State, Michigan, Miami
Bad Losses: 0
Waited all week for them to get to the top 10 of their three year scoring. If we can have another solid 9 win or more season this year with losing Tressel's first year at 7-5 we will close the gap and maybe even take over the #1 spot.

I thought for sure we would be 3rd or 4th but 2nd is awesome and Miami's NFL production is what has them at #1 along with their BigLEAST conference winning percentage.
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cfbnews.com's explanation of the grad rate score:

Graduation Rates. From the most recent batch of graduation rates available from the NCAA report released in 2003, the rate was divided by ten for a score. For example, Bowling Green's most recently released graduation rate for football players was 42%, so it gets a score of 4.2. When the football class graduation rate isn't available, the four-year rate is used. When that's unavailable, the overall male student-athlete rate is used. One important note, the NCAA looks at whole classes, so a team's graduation rate might not always be indicative of what the current coaching staff is responsible for.
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