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A reversal of a preseason pick: Ohio State will win the Big Ten. You can see it right now, folks: Lloyd Carr coaching conservatively, babying his quarterback, all while the Buckeyes, with their customarily airtight defense led by A.J. Hawk, slowly draining the life and discipline out of the Wolverines, with Mike Nugent kicking a truckload of field goals. OSU's defense, special teams and low-mistake formula, in the cozy confines of Columbus, is more likely than not to overwhelm the Wolverines in a low-scoring game. The Bucks have immediately recaptured the disciplined, rock-solid style of Tressel Ball that the previous two veteran-laden Ohio State clubs managed to establish. They're way ahead of Michigan already; the fact that they get the Maize and Blue at home puts them in the driver's seat in a Big Ten race that involves only Purdue in addition to the Bucks and Wolverines...