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CFN.com predicts scUM will be undefeated...

Bucktastic said:
I wouldnt be suprised if thay were undefeated coming into the Shoe.......look at their schedule. Cupcake is the perfect word for it. They don't have to play PSU or Wisky.

You do know Michigan is 12-0 the last 6 times they've played Wisconsin and Penn State right?

Plus Miami, OH. should be a solid team and SDSU certainly gave you fits last year. I will admit you have a schedule that's a bit tougher this year but a Big 10 schedule with the one of the top MAC teams, ND on the road, and a solid SDSU team isn't as easy as it sounds.
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Nice spin Brett, I aint buyin it.

The Domers are down

Miami doesn't have Rothlesberger anymore

and SDSU showed a lot or heart last year but I wouldn't even come close to call them a "quality opponent".

In the Big Ten the teams that you play that will be worth a damn are Purdue, Iowa, Minny, and tOSU. The weezles only have to play Purdue and tOSU away from the toilet bowl. The law of averages says that you have to beat Iowa sooner or later, it always seems that Minny chokes (although they might surprise you guys this year :) ) you don't lose to Purdue. That leaves Ohio State, before which you get a bye, then NW (byeII).

Sounds pretty cupcake to me!! :biggrin:
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I don't know if I would write of Northwestern for SCum. Sure SCum is going to win, but they might have swollen testicles when they have to play us the next week. Lloyd might want to pass out some cups for that game.
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I'm not ready to accept spoiler status for this season just yet. True, Michigan's schedule is a little light in the loafers, but that'll happen when one of your traditional rivals (ND) goes into a long, protracted tailspin, and another one (MSU) was never a perennial power. The area where I feel OSU has an advantage these days though, is that Michigan seems to find a game or two to simply not show up the past few seasons. There's no way in hell that last year's Michigan team should have been slapped by Oregon, or the year before that they should have lost to ND and been absolutely drilled at home by Iowa. They seem to do that once in awhile, and it could happen again this year. On the flip side, the Bucks have played a lot of games below their potential the past couple years, but still managed to grind it out. If the d-line can approach its potential early, and we can get some semblance of a decent punting game, maybe the Bucks can make a run at being the undefeated squad come 11/20.
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JeeZUS, SDSU and Miami? Right, Miami will be like they were in the Mike Bath era before Big Ben when we played them in the late 90's: scrappy, but no where near ready to compete with a Big Ten team. SDSU is not a quality opponent at all, not to take anything away from their effort last year, they were also scrappy and gritty, but we played one of the worst games ever in every conceivable way and still won the game. Notre Dumbass? They'll be better than their record indicates, but their record will be 6-5, 5-6, or worse. The conference schedule is not that much different, but you get some good games at home, so enjoy it while you have it, but don't go trumpeting about your "tough" schedule.
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A tad off topic, but since this is still recruiting season per se, and they listed Michigan's recruiting class of 2004 in their article, take note of where they got their recruits. Out of 22 recruits, they come from 15 different states:

Illinois (2)
Michigan (6)
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Pennsylvania (2)

Say what you may about scUM, but they can sure recruit nationally. Then again, when your in-state talent sucks that bad, you need outside help...
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Michigan missing PSU actually hurts Michigan... PSU was once a powerful program, but not so much anymore. It's fun to joke about Michigan "ducking" a "traditional" power, but the reality is Michigan would beat the crap out of Penn State. For whatever reason, Wisky plays OSU tough, but Michigan usually smokes the Badgers.

I don't mean this as a slam or anything, but I think if you look back over the last 10 - 15 years you'll find that Michigan is often over rated going in to the season. Back in the mid-90's it was worse than it is now... Seems to me that pollsters have a handful of teams that they immediately put in the top 10 despite what might have occured in the offseason or what positional losses have occured.... Some of those teams are: Michigan, Florida State, Miami, Oklahoma, Texas... Again, I'm not suggesting that these teams suck and dont deserve to be rated or the like, but I don't think pollsters give a critical analysis of these teams year in and year out, but rather just assume they're gonna be good. Nebraska used to be the same way, until it became obvious that the wheel's had fallen off.

This year is a good example of my point...
Michigan lost their starting QB and Heisman finalist RB ... What do the preseason mags say? No big deal. This happens all the time.

Ohio State loses their starting QB and best WR - What do the preseason mags say? Woa nellie... Ohio State will have a tough time replacing all that talent. Look for a solid year, but national title aspirations are foolish.

I'm generalizing a bit (and yes, I realize both UM and OSU lost more than just two players), but I think if you look back you'll see this "pre-season" trend plain as day.
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