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CFBN all welcome back team.


2 time Reigning BuckeyePlanet Poker Champion
CB E.J. Underwood, Ohio State – Had it not been for a freak kitchen accident, Underwood may have supplanted current Carolina Panther Chris Gamble at left corner last year. He’s that good. Underwood enjoyed a solid spring, and resides on the brink of a breakout junior season.

ha freak kitchen accident my ass.
BuckeyeNation27 said:
for those of us out of the loop.......whats the REAL story. unless the real story was that it was a beer bottle intead of a steak sauce bottle......i gathered that much. is there more?
That's what I was told by a friend of his as well as a comment made by HH on this board. I'm surprised nobody remembers it. Maybe when he gets back on board he can clarify again. I believe both sources also mentioned something about a fight and a girl. I'm not trying to spread rumors, but considering HH, one of the best, if not the best source of inside info we have made the statement originally, I feel it's pretty accurate.
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I hope Miss Bollman takes after her mother....

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