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Carlton Jackson/Troy Smith

this Troy Smith situation could potentially have an impact on the recruitment of Jackson. Apparently Jackson hit it off with Smith on his visit. If he sees Smith's displeasure and take on a lack of opportunity to be "the man" it may adversely affect his view of OSU and it's staff. Hmmmmmm.


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  • It really bums me out that Troy seems to be unhappy with the situation he's in, but I can't really blame him. I hope he gets some real chances this Saturday, but not due to a JZ injury, of course.

    Hard to say how this may affect CJ's recruitment...
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    FCollinsBuckeye said:
    Well, just to play devil's advocate here, Scott M. is now in the arena league, as far as I know. This is not where Troy S. wants to end up...
    Who aspires to the Arena League? McMullen knew he blew his chance against Illinois in 2001. He stunk the place up. Krenzel won in AA a week later. The starter for the next season was decided that day.

    But Scottie stayed on, knowing he was one Craig "chuck and duck" from being the starter at one of the biggest. most prestigeous football schools in the country. Being a back up here has more clout than a three year starter at UCF or Prairie View A&M.
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  • Dariuswagner said:
    you are correct, we never heard a peep out of McMullen. that was by most accounts his biggest problem...he isn't a competitive guy. i think McMullen very much enjoyed his backup role. LOLOLOLOL.

    Too bad we keep hearing peeps from you, fuckwad. Since when does "team play" equal "non-competitive"? I bet he enjoyed his backup role when he literally saved our ass in Crappy Valley last year, scrotum-breath. Here, have another red rubie, beyatch...
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