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Car Goes Through Roof!


I've always liked them

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. -- A woman in her 70s who apparently pressed her car's accelerator instead of the brake drove off a Mass. parking garage and through the roof of a home, according to Local 6 News.

The 1992 Ford Taurus jumped an alley in the garage and landed trunk first in the home's roof, Local 6 News reported.Scott Penney, a downstairs tenant in the home, heard the noise from the accident Sunday but didn't see what had happened until he went around the two-family house."Then I saw the car in the middle of my roof," Penney told the MetroWest Daily News of Framingham.The vehicle came to rest on a supporting wall and did not fall into the home's living area.Arriving firefighters climbed a ladder and helped the car's driver get out. No one was injured. Penney's girlfriend had been inside at the time, and the upstairs tenants had been away.The driver, Shirley Elder, had been alone at the time of the accident. She refused medical treatment.
"The (driver) had parked her car across the street, cut her wheel, backed up and stepped on the gas," said Jeremy Cardin, a nearby resident who witnessed the accident. "It was just like a catcher's mitt as she hit the roof. She went right between two parked cars and there wasn't even a scratch on them.""She thought she had her foot on the brake and hit the gas," police Officer David Garceau said. "The car quickly accelerated, went into a 180-degree turn, launched over the wall and backed into the house."