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"Cane Francis coming to J-Ville - Here we go again.


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Hurricane Frances is gonna slam Jacksonville. It will hit hard between St. Augustine and Jacksonville Beach with Level Five force. JaxBuck has to take precautiones more so than me. I am 45 miles inland but still you see some hard rains and 80 to 100 mile an hour winds if it holds its course. Plywood is getting scarse along with batteries, water, diapers and lots of canned foods. Woe is me again.
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Good luck, all. Hope to see all of you posting on the board saying "Not anywhere near as bad as some thought." Stay safe, and may the Cincinnati game end up being your biggest worry this week :)
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I live in Virginia Beach and we're preparing now. What really sucks is I have tickets to the Marshall game and don't know if or when it will hit us.
I think I'll take the family to Columbus with me and hope for the best if it hits during the weekend of the game. :(
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Kips, hang tough, partner. I was talking to my mom yesterday (she lives in between Ocala and Gainesville) and she and my stepdad were preparing to bail to their friends place (solid brick house).
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This fucking blows!!!!

Its like a kid finding out they canceled Christmas 3 days beforehand. I wait all year for football season and now some storm named after a country full of fag's is gonna screw it up for me. This thing is such a pain in the ass they ought to rename it after my wife.

Dear Frances: Just give me satellite reception till 4:30-5:00 saturday is all I ask, after that do your damndest. If we lose, I'll be the guy holding the lighting rod down at the beach waiting for you.

edit*** I am just trying to make light of it. In all seriousness this is gonna be a living bitch of a storm and people are more than likely going to die from it let alone the property damage. I haven't seen anyone in Jacksonville take a hurricane this serious since Floyd in '99-people are flat out scared about this one down here.
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Good Luck...

Hope everyone rides this out well! My folks are supposedly south of the projected track (Pt. St. Lucie) but planning on an inland shelter. The damn thing is just HUGE (80 mile wide @ sustained H/F winds). I hope no one gets caught up in the game and fails to DiDi at the appropriate time! hang tough Buck P's!
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Frances is down to a level 3 force. But man you ought to see the traffic on I-95 at the world Golf Village near St. Augustine. Cars are moving at about 5 miles per hour and alot of our hotels are booked solid. You just can't beleive the mess you see on the Interstates until you see it.
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