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Ever thus to ____ers
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Just happened to catch a reshowing of the high school dunk contest, and I gotta say - her winning is an absolute slap in the face to the other competitors. I won't say I'm not impressed by the fact that a 6'3" girl can dunk. I can barely put my hand on the backboard. And I won't pretend that this is really a big deal. It's a goddamn dunk contest. But honestly - there's nothing anyone can tell me that would justify giving her the victory. Put her on SportsCenter, talk about her on PTI, fine. But don't ruin the whole fucking contest for the guys that can actually dunk well, especially since they only get to do it once.

Shit like this makes me ill.
Welcome to the world of the glorification of the American female. When I first joined the Air Force in 1975, women were just starting to be really actively recruited, thanks to women's rights groups and politics. The Air Force (along with the other services) were forced to lower certain standards so that most women could qualify. What was even worse was the fact the you couldn't get read a base newspaper without some article being on the front page about some female being the first in the Air Force or on the base to enter a certain career field, graduate her technical school, etc. It really pissed off the male recruits big time, because some female would get all the accolades despite barely graduating her school, while males who got perfect scores throughout the school weren't even recognized. Women would get selected as "Airman of the Quarter" because they were female...despite the fact that women made up less than 10% of active duty back then, it seemed that half of all the award winners were female. It took almost 10 years (around the mid-80s) to where it was no big deal anymore to have a female to be the first in her career field or the first to make the highest enlisted rank or the first female commanding officer of a unit.

The pandering of women's "accomplishments" is making a grand comeback. The WNBA and women's NCAA playoffs are being rammed down our throats, despite the fact that a mediocre men's college team could blow out the WNBA all-star team.

I have two beautiful, intelligent adult daughters and I hope they have all the opportunities in the world, but it pisses me off to see any group get all the attention just because of what they are and not what they can do.
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Don't know if I could have illustrated the point any more eloquently than that. All I will add are these questions - when will it end? When will we finally decide that the scales are balanced? When will American society be able to recognize its own pussification, and finally accept the fact that women and men are fucking different, and don't have to be on equal ground in every possible facet of existence? Why is it that I'm satisfied with being inferior to women in certain endeavors, but they never will be?

Basically I just never want to hear another woman say that she's "not getting a fair shake." Tell you what, cupcake - grow a sense of fucking pride, stop taking hand-outs, and then I'll think about giving you a fair shake.
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Well if the males wanted to win they should of made the dunk attempts. When two out of the three finalist can't complete three dunks, then the person who did complete all three should win. This year it just so happened that the only contestant that completed all three dunks was a female.

edit- She only made it to the finals because all no other male completed the required number of dunks in the first round to make it to the finals.
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Not trying to poop on you, Buck, but there was one guy in the first round that had a 140 or 150 or something that finished behind Parker. Anyway, the point is that the dunks she was doing should not have garnered scores like 75, 79, etc. If a man had done those dunks, they would have gotten 50-60s, and that's what she should have gotten. I have half a mind to think that the guys who did make the final were trying to do their hardest dunks to sort of 'lay down' for Candace, but whatever. Like I said, this in itself isn't a big deal, but it is a shining example of this "glorification of the American female." Great line, Mili.
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the only place a woman should be associated with glory is at a hole in a toilet stall.....

as a single dad...who fought an extremely bitter custody battle for my son....dont even get me started on the favoritism shown for women....its not just in sports.....they get favoritism because they dont stop bitching and moaning about it until they get their way...it was a "cause" for them....and as we know about women....right or wrong doesnt matter....nor does logic or reason....

women are nothing more than grown children...except they have one thing to offer...and only one....and they use baby.....

edit: i should add that there are many really cool women...its just that the bad ones make the whole group appear to be crazy....
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DiHard said:
edit: i should add that there are many really cool women...its just that the bad ones make the whole group appear to be crazy....

I think the same could be said of men, or of any particular sect of society. Whites, blacks, Jews, Christians, hispanics, etc. - they all have a nasty side to them, with the exception of those Buddhist monks who care for orphaned tigers in their spare time. The difference with women's nasty side is that they have significant clout when it comes to matters of "justice", and frequently employ that influence to swing the tide in their favor.
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You make a good point about all walks of society but women seem to enjoy an unequal, as in superior, amount of protection under the law.

I have been divorced, pay child support and once lost a well earned promotion to a less qualified woman. In each case I had no chance based on the way the current system is set up.

I also have two daughters that I hope enjoy nothing but the best.
My concern is that we are creating a class of men that are angry and vindictive that could have a very negative impact on my daughters.
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i pay almost 1000 a month for a son i have 70% of the time....

the court/magistrate actually said to me that anything over 50% time by a father is considered voluntary time....however; every bit under 50% time is considered refusing time....this all adds up to $$ and clout for the woman....

go figure that one....
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I have a friend that has shared parenting, they split time about 50-50.

His ex-wife works for the family business and is very wealthy.
My buddy pays out the wazoo for three kids. He pays over $2000 a month.
He also has to pay for their insurance which she could easily provide through their company business.

I pay my support, provide insurance and still get all kinds on attack letters from the state. They make an error and you are on the hook to prove them wrong.

A women can take you to court every year to request more support. Even if she does not get it you will have to pay her lawyer fees.

I doubt any of this will change anytime soon.
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I guess that there are a lot of very bitter people, some I am sure with good reason.

However try to take your emotions out of it.

Women should not win slam dunk contests over men.

Women should only get equal treatment under the law.

Men need to form an orginization to lobby for men's rights.
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echoing what vrbryant said, her dunks were very pathetic. if any guy would try a dunk like the ones she did in a dunk contest, he'd probably get booed out of the building. some of the guys were doing 360s, windmills, reverses, etc. she did straight, simple, one-handed dunks. certainly not worthy of even beating out that one guy in the semis.
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I guess in my case, I got one for us guys. When I got divorced over 15 years ago, my wife didn't want any excess baggage when she split so I got full custody of my son AND on top of that I received child support from her until he turned 18. People were simply shocked when I told them what happened. They couldn't believe that a male could get custody and child support. I am living breathing proof of it.
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skins...no offense...but you only got what you got because she didnt fight it.....you should be thankful for that....she was smart enough to do what is right....if she had opted to fight...you wouldnt be where you are....

on a side note: is she still involved with your child?
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