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Canadians Don't Eat Your Ballots


I've always liked them
Voters Urged Not to Eat Their Ballots

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - [size=-1]Canadians went to the polls in a federal election on Monday with a firm warning from election officials: Please do not eat your ballots. [/size]

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"Eating a ballot, not returning it or otherwise destroying or defacing it constitutes a serious breach of the Canada Elections Act," Elections Canada warns on its Internet (news - web sites) site.

The issue was of sufficient concern to warrant inclusion in the site's "Frequency asked Questions" section, above answers to such inquiries as "Why should I vote?" and "Am I registered?"

Three Alberta men were charged with eating their paper ballots during Canada's last federal election, in 2000. The members of the Edible Ballot Society were protesting against what they said was a lack of real choice among candidates.

No kidding... its liekt he Canadians decided to make the ballots out of pancakes and you have to mark them with maple syrup...

"Now please don't eat these ballots... they are for counting not eating"

Of course if they did that in Florida in 2000... Mike Moore would have been in FLA in a heartbeat... And history would have changed...

Miami Herald Headline:

"Gore wins Florida by 347,000 votes, Michael Moore visited by Dick Gregory"
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osugrad21 said:
So Michael Moore has family in Canada eh? What a bunch of hosers
Just how many ballots would Moore have had to eat to get as fat as he is? Sure, his weight is irrelevant to him being a pompous moron, but he is fat...I mean really fat!


Did I mention that Michael Moore is really fat!
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