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Can We Collect Some Funds for Mili?


Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
Poor Mili seems to be in bad shape. His vcash dollars are at the big ZERO. I would like to donate 5 vcash bucks to Mili to help him get back on his feet. Feel free to spend it anywhere you want, but do not take Nader and the points.

Can we all help out with a Buckeye in need. He is from Youngstown. He just doesn't know any better.
where was all this charity and good will when grad and i were in the vWelfare line?

i wouldve taken the 5 bucks...kicked grads ass and taken his....then gone and got a 10 dollar lap dance at lydells strip club.
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buckeyebri said:
I'll see your 5 and raise you 10.

Feeling lucky PUNK

Not today. The day started bad, I had some nutball stop by, and I did not get home until 9 tonight.

BN27. I knew you guys would be able to pull yourselves up by the bootstraps. It is the Youngstown guys who need the kick in the ass, I mean, kick start.
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Dang, I hate when people just stop by out of the blue without calling first. You should just throw those kind of people out on their ear.

Hopefully someone bought you a beer for working you late, if not here you go:beer:
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I head from a freind of a freind that Lydell Ross may have a few vPlatinumDollars left over. If ya want I can check to see if he can contribute.
Mililani can you give Lydell an address or two of strip bars nearest you so he can vWesternUnion the vcash to the closest one near you?? :)
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BuckinMichigan said:
. He is from Youngstown. He just doesn't know any better.
wait im from Y town too (still live there), what you got agaisnt y town...LOL

i would like to donate some vbucks, but i would think that since is the 3k poster, someone could wave a little magic wand, and poof Mili has mega vbucks....

i also think that we need to have a vlotto, each of us put in 1vbuck per week and then have a drawing each week....????
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