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Have you all checked out the calendar?


Hubs did a great job adding dates, if you have any more, I'm sure he's interested in filling that out with anything relevant.

I've been limited in terms of online time the last few days, plus Jo had to go out of town suddenly. So if you IM or email me and don't get an immediate response, that's likely why.

Starting to get quiet around here.

If everyone here invited over 2 people and told them to invite 2 people, maybe we could get some more chat going.

If you want to keep track of the number of people you brought in, give them this link;

[sup]Cut and Paste URL below[/sup]

Make sure you replace the 'X' at the end with your MemberID# (which you can find in your profile, or off to the left of any of your posts.)

The board tracks referrals, and perhaps we'll do something fun with that eventually.

Also, if you haven't played around with things like the Buddy Lists and Private Messaging options, you may want to investigate those. PM works a lot like webmail in the sense you can create new folders, save sent or received mail, etc.

Something I stumbled upon a few weeks ago that I thought was cool. While looking at a forum with the thread titles, try clicking on the number of replies for a given thread. Shows you who participated in that discussion, and to what degree.
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