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CA TE Josh Falo (USC Signee)


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BP Recruiting Team

Rivals profile (4*, #225 nationally)
Scout profile (4*, #220 nationally, #7 tight end)
247 profile (4*, #151 nationally, #4 tight end)
Hudl highlights

Tight end
Sacramento (CA) Inderkum

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 230 lbs

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BP Recruiting Team
Wondered if they would throw an offer his way. Seemed like they were content to pass on a TE in 2017 but this is the kind of kid you don't pass up if he's really interested, which apparently he is.
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I figured we would redshirt 2 of our TEs this year. Assuming okudah is in that leaves 3. We have other much bigger holes to fill (rb, DT) and if we fill those holes with Akers and ulele I feel like browning or l wade or Harris all are more likely. Seems like they are trying to build a relationship as a just in case.
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