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Burger King didn't make it "Your Way"? Call 911!


I'm using the Internet!!!

Crazy soccer mom calls 911 and demands they go down to her local Burger King because her kids are hungry and Burger King won't make her a "western style burger". Pretty self-explanatory and pretty sad really.

here is a direct link

Totally self-absorbed, self-important, and selfish. also, totally typical, unfortunately.

the cops should instead show up at ther doorstep and read her the riot act - in front of ther kids. The lady won't ever change, but maybe at least the kids can be saved from growing up with this attitiude.

She probably never eats out w/out sending food back or complaining about the service, or something. I am related to someone just like this woman, and her kid is an absolute selfish terror.
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More proof that aliens live among us...

I worked at WBNS while an undergrad. I came in one day and was told to man a phone and tell everyone that called that we were on a national news feed from CBS, there would be no As The World Turns that day (The Gemini capsule with a slipped heat shield was trying to re-enter the atmosphere) I had people swear to me (and at me) that ATWT was playing somewhere and demanding I go down to the control room and throw the switch, that CBS was ruining their day, that CBS was trying to control the US by taking away ATWT, that ATWT was REAL(!) ((along with WWF I suppose.)) the best was an old lady who, when I finally tired of explaining that this was a network decision and that we would run ATWT the next day, right where it left off, said "Well, all I can say sonny is piss on you!" and then slammed the receiver.
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