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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • Did anyone notice Bucknuts "new" feature? It sure seems quite the coincidence that they start that feature right after this site (which has the same feature) gets up.

    Hmmm, there be spies amongts us, laddies?
    Coincidence, maybe, maybe not. :paranoid: I know this board is really shaping up though. Perhaps Bucknuts could be worried. If he knows about it he'll probably try to incorperate some of the more progresive features on his board.
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    I emailed about BN to let them know about this board, no secret here at all. Also explained all the stuff about the complimenting fields of coverage, etc. No animosity between the two sites, and there never should be. He liked what he saw when he poked around a bit.

    Oddly, the ezInbox feature is an absolute coincidence I think. And if not, then good that BN and BP can push one another to be better. :wink:
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    Kudos Coach! I think being up front and honest with the folks at BNs is the way to go. I think it will go along way towards avoiding any misunderstandings and hard feelings. I can only imagine how they'd feel to find out about it by accident, especially since many of the BN "heavy hitters" are roaming around Buckeye Planet (don't you just love to see those 2 words) already. I think it was best that they heard it from you and heard it early on.

    Personally I hope this doesn't become some type of competition or bad blood between the sites. They should both be enjoyed by Buckeyes everywhere. I know a competition is not your intention and from what you've described this site becoming, (on the web page side) I see it as complimentary.

    BWT, I'd have to say the BN ezInbox feature was a coincidence. I've been having some troubles with the automatic login (starting today) and the global login since the software update. I can read posts but not start a thread or respond. Kirk L. got back to me saying it was wierd and that he was having trouble logging in as well, but restarting Windows cleared it up for him. Not me. I cruised around to a few other sites (to see if I could login and post - yes I could) and found some of their members were having troubles as well. From what I gleaned, the insiders implimented a system wide software upgrade affecting all their sites. I'm guessing the ezInbox was a feature of the upgrade and BN was ready to impliment it.

    As it turns out (found out on another insider board) doing a "local login" is working for me at BN. At least it's a temporary solution. Now I just have to type "3yardsandacloudofdust" and my password each time. I knew I should have picked something shorter!
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    The auto login gave me troubles as well... it kept making me log in when I was already logged in...?? It works now, just a bit frustrating...

    There are several sites on OSU that folks post links to on Bucknuts (and prob. BSB and O-zone... although after Clarity's issues with o-zone I still have a self imposed boycott with them, so I really don't know what goes on with those sites)... The staff at Bucknuts as far as I can tell are good honest folks who enjoy OSU sports, and want to offer as much as they can for OSU fans (ie, look at all the free services provided)...

    No competition between this site and Bucknuts... just two places to frequent!!
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    Hey gbear, I never did thank you for turning me on to Buckeye Planet ... Thanks! I know you didn't seek me out specifically, but finding the site by following the url from your smilie was just TOO cool.

    I saw your smilie and thought "that's sweet" I wonder where gbear got that. When I saw the main site name (Buckeye Planet) my pulse rate shot up a bit. Now I'm thinking "another site devoted to the Buckeyes ... this I've got to check out". I was expecting to find some type of Buckeye Tribute site. Imagine my surprise when I got here. A cool new site dedicated to the Bucks, fantastic new features on the forums, a web side that will incorporate lots of statistical data, feedback from Buckeye players, and a core group of members who's posts I've already come to know and respect.

    To say I was stunned (and thrilled) would be a big understatement. Although in the past few months BN has become my "home" and the people there my "family", I could see this site becoming that as well. What's really wierd is I sometimes get this nagging sensation that I'm "cheating" on BN. How odd is that? Allegiance is a funny thing ... I am first and foremost a Buckeye at heart. I've just decided to split my time between the sites and have twice the fun! Now I've just got to find more time :tongue2:

    I can't speak about Clarity's issues with the o-zone ... I don't have any knowledge on the subject. I rarely stop by there (or any other sites) except to browse the threads. I will agree with you that BN is a top notch organization and the admins and mods have always been quick to respond, honest, and helpful in the extreme. I think that if BN is the target that Coach/Clarity would like this site to surpass, we'll all get to enjoy two of the best boards/sites on the net.
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    Not a problem, that is an indirect invite for those who can figure it out... (although let it be known, I did it because I liked the smilie, not as an "underground" invite... just so happened to serve both purposes)...

    I too was pumped when I was brought to light about this board... too bad I don't program, I'd like to help C-dog if I could....
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    3yards, you're story on how you discovered BP is exactly the same thing that happened to me. I saw the scUM sucks smilie that gbear used and followed the link over here. All I can say is thanks gbear for providing that link.
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