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All Galaxy
'14 NCAA Pick'em Champ
Really good game. Stockman looking better every game. Had about 25 pts., mostly 3's. I remember early in the season when it got to the point when I hated to see him shoot. Has really come a long way. Was good to see N.Dials playing again. Had 4-5 assists in around 15 min..

How do you like my "near-stats" for the game :biggrin: ? :osu:
Very good game by Stockman. It seemed like we couldn't get any success inside though. Stockman really bailed us out. For all the flak he's caught, he's really done a great job.
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Since the Buckeyes have done most of their scoring inside the paint the last few games, Penn St. did the smart thing and took away the insides. Actually, they did the same thing the 2nd half the 1st time we played them, and our guards didn't adjust. This time they did. :oh: :io:
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Yeah, they did. It would be nice to see us be able to force the inside even if the other team is out to stop it. I mean, if Stockman wasn't having a great day, we probably lose. But Tony did, and he deserves a lot of credit.
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