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tBBC Buckeyes Valued in NFL Draft, Round 1


Buckeyes Valued in NFL Draft, Round 1
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image courtesy of patch.com)

The first round is in the books. Of this year’s 31 first round selections, five of them were Buckeyes. Here’s a “Who, When, Where, Why” look at Thursday’s events.

Who: Joey Bosa

When: 3rd Pick

Where: San Diego Chargers

Why: Bosa is, in my opinion, the best edge rusher in the Draft. The NFL is a passing league, so the more a team can do to take away one offensive dimension from its opponent, the better chance it has to win. Bosa is versatile enough to move inside and, as we saw in the 2015 UN game, is athletic enough to drop back in zone coverage. In addition to his primary skill, pass rushing, Bosa gives a defensive coordinator some scheme flexibility.

Who: Ezekiel Elliott

When: 4th Pick

Where: Dallas Cowboys

Why: Zeke takes his rock hard abs to Dallas’ soft machine. He joins Darron McFadden and fellow Buckeye Rod Smith in the Dallas backfield, and is (at this moment) one of six running backs on the Cowboy roster. Elliott has the skills to contribute immediately and and versatile enough to be a 3-down back. This removes situational guesswork and could open another roster spot for Dallas.

Who: Eli Apple

When: 10th Pick

Where: New York Giants

Why: The Giants have several cornerbacks on the roster, however they allowed almost 4,800 yards passing, last in the league. Picking a top DB is probably a good place to start for the Giants to correct that problem.

Who: Taylor Decker

When: 16th Pick

Where: Detroit Lions

Why: The Lions need to upgrade their offensive line. In anything “O-Line” related in 2015, Detroit was abysmal. They were last in the league in rushing, 10th most sacks and 9th most ‘QB hits’. They need to keep Matthew Stafford healthy and to create a functional running game. Somewhere, Joe Dexter is smiling…

Who: Darron Lee

When: 20th Pick

Where: New York Jets

Why: The Jets already have a good defense, but I think this pick was geared towards one thing; offsetting New England’s offense. At linebacker, the Jets have a ‘need for speed’ and Lee can provide that. He can rush off the edge; in coverage, he can stay with running backs, tight ends and slot receivers. He is a 3-down linebacker for the Jets. Additionally, he is athletic enough to be able to “spy” and tack Buffalo’s mobile quarterback, Tyrod Taylor. This was a pick to specifically help the Jets win the AFC East.

What say you?

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