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Buckeyes smoke Toledo in home opener


Go Buckeyes!
Staff member
  • The Buckeyes opened the home slate of the 2005 schedule in style with a 12-4 pummeling of the Toledo Rockets. Jason Zoeller went 2-4 and scored 3 runs while Adam Schnieder had 3 RBIs for the Bucks. Rory Meister was the winning pitcher (2-0). Joe Roberts (0-1) took the loss for the Rockets.

    The Buckeyes travel to Champaign, Illinois to take on the Illini over the weekend. The return home next Wednesday for their second home game vs Oakland. First pitch is scheduled for 6:35PM.

    Go Diamond Buckeyes!


    Serenity now
    I really wish I could've gotten out of work this afternoon. What a great day to watch a game. I remember last year's home opener against EMU... it was about 35 and windy.

    Good to see Caravati back and hitting. If we can only get Howell healthy...
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    I aim to misbehave
    The Rockets have one really good pitcher. I am glad we didnt see him or we may have had our hands full. Madsen getting roughed up a bit isnt a good sign.

    I am just happy that we ware winning these games that we should win...because that has not always been the case for the Bucks in the past.
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    Serenity now
    Madsen is easing his way back from that shoulder injury. I was expecting him to be a little off his game yesterday. We will probably see him for the first game on Saturday. Since it'll only be a 7-inning game, he will hopefully be able to go 4 or 5 before the relief takes over. No need to overdo it.

    Last year was a rough one for the Wednesday games, but you have to take those with a grain of salt. We never use one of the four best starting pitchers, because they're used in Big Ten play over the weekend. We started two true freshmen often, and while they did get roughed up, the experience was invaluable to them now. DeLucia in particular really benefitted from those midweek innings last year. He's looking pretty good now.
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