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Buckeyes in NFL Depth Charts


You Enjoy Myself
I was doing some fantasy research tonight and I got side tracked into looking up where our beloved Bucks are in depth charts halfway through NFL training camps. First, let me just say that not only did I find a majority of the 14 from last year, but many already second string. We are a football factory. Secondly, let's all give some props to our O-line of last year, as much as they were put down by us, the three seniors not only got drafted but one is even a backup to a seasoned vet 3 weeks into his NFL experience. So what if it's Arizona, Respek. Also, Bishop will land on a roster somewhere. Some will not make it, and some will end up on special teams, BUT alot are pushing for playing time in their rookie years, with only familiarity of the playbook standing in their way.

This confirms what NFL GM's know, and what us diehard buckeye fans believe. Not only do our Bucks make it into the league, but they'll work hard and shoot up the depth charts. That's why every team send their scouts for our pro day, that's why the university practically recruits itself. Let's all pull for these guys as they go out there and earn that almight dollar all the while still representing THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.

Here are the 39 and where they are on the various depth charts.

Bills: 2
Nate Clements #1 CB
Tim Anderson #3 DT

Browns: 1
Darnell Sanders #2 TE

Jonathan Wells #3 RB

Colts: 2
Mike Doss #1 SS
Ben Hartsock #3 TE

Jaguars: 1
Courtland Bullard #3 MLB

Dolphins: 1
David Boston-IR

Patriots: 2
Mike Vrabel: #1 ROLB
Rodney Bailey: #4 DE

Jets: 1
Kenyon Rambo #3 WR

Matt Wilhem #2 ILB
Shane Olivea #3 RT

Donnie Nickey #3 FS
Alex Stepanovich #2 C

Michael Jenkins #2 WR

Chris Gamble #2 RCB

Bears: 1
Craig Krenzel #3 QB

Cowboys: 4
Eddie 'Heisman' George #1 RB
Jamar 'The Hammer' Martin #1FB
Terry Glenn #1WR
Tyson Walter #2 C

Lions: 1
Dan Wilkinson #1 DT

Packers: 3
BJ Sander #1 P
Nail Diggs #2 ROLB
Kenny Peterson #2 DT

Vikings (RIP KS): 2
Antoine Winfield #1 CB
Darrion Scott #2 LDE

Saints: 4
LeCharles Bentley #1 C
Will Smith #2 RDE
Cie Grant #2 MLB
Derek Ross #3 CB

San Fran: 1
Ahmed Plummer #1 CB

Rams: 2
Orlando Pace #1 LT
Ryan Pickett #1 RDT

Tampa Bay: 2
Joey Galloway #1 WR
Will Allen #3 SS

Redskins: 2
Shawn Springs #1 CB
Tom Tupa #1 P
Total: 39
Other notables: BJ Sander has firmly secured the starting punters job in GreenBay. Will Smith will be in the rotation, as Haslet likes to rotate ends, but we could see Big Willy in obvious passing downs. Cie Grant continues to show improvement and should get a chance at the starting job. They absolutely love his versatility there, how could you not. He's basically a backup at 3 different positions for them. Corner, MLB and OLB. Kenny Peterson has also been impressing them in Green Bay. He is somewhat on the small scale for a DT (295), but his quickness has turned some heads at training camp, and he's getting a serious look at the starting job Cleditus Hunt currently has. Matt Wilhelm has put on some weight and now at 6'4 254 lb , he is starting to look like an NFL inside linebacker. Schotty also loves his work eithic, something we all knew. Darrion Scott is another one that continues to impress. Right now he's being shuffled between End and Tackle even though he lacks the size for DT. Tice loves the quickness (4.7/40) and overall athletic ability (35in Vertical), but is worried about him against the run. They'll eventually find a spot for him on the line, and he'll have a great career.

Aside from the old timers pace, galloway, glenn...etc (pre-2000 draftees), the new crop has really gone above and beyond expectation. When all is said and done, the former Buckeye to walk away with the most probowls will be the least heralded and probably most underrated former OSU lineman in recent memory. LeCharles Bentley, who in my opinion is the second best Center in the league, and certainly the best in the NFC. With all the pro-bowls he'll be going to, he might as well build a summer home in Hawaii, or maybe he can just stay with Mili. :biggrin:
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Monday, September 18, 2006
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NFL devoid of Ohio State running backs
Saturday, February 24, 2007
Bill Rabinowitz

INDIANAPOLIS ? The reactions are variations of, "That can?t be."
Think of Ohio State?s history of producing NFL running backs, and the idea that the well ran dry in 2006 seems almost unfathomable. But a program that produced Archie Griffin, Keith Byars, Robert Smith and Eddie George has zero running backs in the NFL.
Projected as a first-day draft pick, Antonio Pittman should change that. He was stunned when told yesterday at the NFL scouting combine that none of his Buckeyes predecessors remained in the pros.
"That?s the first time I?ve heard that," Pittman said. "That is shocking. Just from the history of the program, to hear that is a low blow."

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Buckeyes In The NFL - Week Three Recap

Thirty-six former Ohio State football players made opening day rosters in the National Football League. Each week OhioStateBuckeyes.com will provide updates about how these former Buckeyes performed in the previous week's action.


Baltmore Ravens - 28 , vs. Cleveland Browns - 10
Smith, Troy (QB): Not Active
Buffalo Bills - 24 , vs. Oakland Raiders - 23
Whitner, Donte (S): 4 Tkl., 1 Ast.
Youboty, Ashton (CB): Substitute Defensive Back, 1 Tkl.
Denver Broncos - 34 , vs. New Orleans Saints - 32
Peterson, Kenny (DE): Substitute Defensive End
Indianapolis Colts - 21 , vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - 23
Gonzales, Anthony (WR): Substitute Wide Recevier, 2 Rec., 37 Yds.
Hall, Roy (WR): Not Active
Miami Dolphins - 38 , at New England Patriots - 13
Ginn, Jr., Ted (WR): 5 Rec., 49 Yds.
Barton, Kirk (OL): Not Active
New England Patriots - 13 , vs. Miami Dolphins - 38
Vrabel, Mike (LB): 3 Tkl., 3 Ast.
New York Jets - , at San Diego Chargers -
Golston, Vernon (DE): Substitute Linebacker, 1 Tkl.
Mangold, Nick (C): Starting Center
Nugent, Mike (PK): Not Active
Oakland Raiders - 23 , at Buffalo Bills - 24
Carter, Drew (WR): Injured Reserve
Richardson, Jay (DE): 2 Tkl., 2 Ast.
Pittsburgh Steelers - 6 , at Philadelphia Eagles - 15
Holmes, Santonio (WR): 3 Rec., 32 Yds.
San Diego Chargers - , vs. New York Jets -
Wilhelm, Matt (LB): 4 Tkl., 1 Ast.
Tennessee Titans - 31 , vs. Houston Texans - 12
Nickey, Donnie (DB): Substitute Safety, Special Teams: 4 Tkl.


Atlanta Falcons - 38 , vs. Kansas City Chiefs - 14
Fraser, Simon (DE): Not Active
Hartsock, Ben (TE): Starting Tight End
Jenkins, Michael (WR): 2 Rec., 19 Yds.
Stepanovich, Alex (C): Not Active
Carolina Panthers - 10 , at Minnesota Vikings - 20
Diggs, Na'il (LB): 1 Tkl., 1 Ast.
Gamble, Chris (CB): 2 Tkl., 2 Ast.
Salley, Nate (S): Substitute Safety, Special Teams: 1 Tkl.
Dallas Cowboys - 27 , at Green Bay Packers - 16
Carpenter, Bobby (LB): Substitute Linebacker, Special Teams: 1 Tkl.
Green Bay Packers - 16 , vs. Dallas Cowboys - 27
Hawk, A.J. (LB): 7 Tkl., 2 Ast.
Pickett, Ryan (DT): 2 Tkl.
Minnesota Vikings - 20 , vs. Carolina Panthers - 10
Winfield, Antoine (CB): 2 Tkl., Fumble Recovery
New Orleans Saints - 32 , at Denver Bronces - 34
Houser, Kevin (FB): Substitute Long Snapper
Smith, Will (DE): 3 Tkl., 1 Ast.
St. Louis Rams - 13 , at Seatle Seahawks - 37
Pace, Orlando (T): Starting Left Tackle
Pittman, Antonio (RB): Substitute Running Back
San Francisco 49ers - 31 , vs. Detriot Lions - 13
Clements, Nate (CB/PR): 5 Tkl.
Seattle Seahawks - 37 , vs. St. Louis Rams - 13
Sims, Rob (OL): Injured Reserve
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 27 , at Chicago Bears - 24
Allen, Will (S): Substitute Safety, Special Teams: 1 Tkl.
Galloway, Joey (WR): Not Active
Washington Redskins - 24 , vs. Arizona Cardinals - 17
Springs, Shawn (CB): 1 Tkl., 2 Ast.

Entire article: Buckeyes In The NFL - Week Three Recap - The Ohio State Buckeyes Official Athletics Site - OhioStateBuckeyes.com
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