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tBBC Buckeyes also Well Drafted Over The Weekend


Buckeyes also Well Drafted Over The Weekend
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image courtesy of patch.com)

Following an impressive First Round showing on Thursday, the NFL teams also held Buckeye players in high regard over the weekend. Friday’s Rounds 2 & 3 went well with two Buckeyes drafted. So did Saturday’s Rounds 4-7, with XX Buckeyes chosen.. Let’s take a look of “Who, When, Where, Why” from Friday’s and Saturday’s activities.

Who: Michael Thomas

When: 2nd Round, 16th Pick

Where: New Orleans

Why: Despite having the most prolific passer in the league last season, the Saints had only two receivers in the top 54 at that position, and one of them in no longer with the team. This benefits everyone; Drew Brees gets a very good receiver and Michael Thomas has a very good QB looking to “distribute” the ball..

Who: Vonn Bell

When: 2nd Round, 30th Pick

Where: New Orleans

Why: Live by the pass, die by the pass. As mentioned above, New Orleans had the most prolific pass offense in the league last year. It also had the 2nd worst pass defense in the league. No mystery why Vonn Bell is brought on board.

Who: Adolphus Washington

When: 3rd Round, 17th Pick

Where: Buffalo Bills

Why: The Bills defense went from “great” in 2014 to “abysmal” in 2015, particularly in the realm of sacking the quarterback. A-Wash can provide an inside burst that was lacking last year. I doubt that Adolphus starts, initially, but I can see him in the DT rotation with Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams. Although “only” 32 years old, Williams is oldest player on Bills roster. AWash may rotate into the starting lineup if all goes well.

Who: Braxton Miller

When: 3rd Round, 22nd Pick

Where: Houston Texans

Why: The Texans had a productive year from Deandre Hopkins (ranked #3 in league) and that’s about it at WR. They need to bring in help at WR for new QB Brock Osweiler. Brax seems to be their “slot guy”. Wouldn’t he be something to cover if you’re a linebacker, or even a safety? Have fun.

Who: Nick Vannett

When: 3rd Round, 31st Pick

Where: Seattle Seahawks

Why: The Seahawks now have 6 tight ends on their roster. Other than Jimmy Graham, it looks like the others are either receivers’ or ‘blockers’. Graham had 48 receptions last season. The next TE had 17 receptions. Nick will get his chance to catch for Russell Wilson and block for whoever is carrying the ball. Who knows, Chuck may have him over as a dinner guest.

Who: Joshua Perry

When: 4th Round, 4th Pick

Where: San Diego Chargers

Why: The Chargers were in the bottom half of total yards allowed last season. It gets worse; there were 5th worst in yards allowed per play, so their opponents were fairly efficient against them. Joshua should bring some inside “enforcement” as well as lateral range to the Chargers. Of course, he’ll be teaming, again, with Buckeye Joey Bosa.

Who: Cardale Jones

When: 4th Round, 41st Pick

Where: Buffalo Bills

Why: The Bills have two QB’s on their roster; Last year’s starter Tyrod Taylor and former #1 pick EJ Manual. Tyrod was somewhat effective as a starter, but there is doubt if he is the long term answer. EJ is probably a functional back-up. His problem was that he was drafted too high, which created expectations that he in no way could fulfill. With Cardale going in 4th round, time has been bought for his development. Plus, his strong arm will be an asset on throwing in late season Lake Erie winds.

It seems that Jalin Marshall and Tyvis Powell will need to hook on as undrafted free agents. Maybe this wasn’t a good yer for them to declare…

What say you?

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