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Buckeye state of mind....


Did anyone at the game notice the heated argument between Snyder and his huddle play caller?

There was tremendous miscommunication on defense play calling this week. The LB's were going one way, while the line was blocking another set. After all the screaming at the Hayes on Sunday and Monday, I hope this gets fixed.

As for the O-Line, this year Bollman has really pushed his "side step" technique, where you basically step the opposite way of the play to gain leverage over the opposing lineman. It is a fairly common technique, but it fails when you don't have the line leaving at the same time. It causes the RBs to stutter step and allows aggressive LB's to penetrate. I guess I could be counted as one that would like to see the line using a sled for a while. At least to get timing down.

The real key to the game for me, was when we tried to run our base offense and could not get going in the first quarter. This will always be an indicator as Bollman & T only use 5-8 core offensive plays per game.

Based on how intense practice as been this week, I believe that things will be OK this Saturday.
Meditation and Prayer

I wonder if I get into the half-lotus and count every 3rd breath if I could shrift into a Buckeyes practice session and hang from the rafters like a 1984 Big 10 Champs Banner at the end of the Hayes and observe practice.

Nahh. I'll just look for the Hand because he's got better scoops than a pint of Cherry Garcia :bow: . And since I've been holding my breath since the 3rd quarter of Saturday Night's game it's nice to be able to breathe again.

I really do hope that they're working on playing faster, harder, and beyond their potential.
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HH...i agree...you can pretty much tell the type of game the bucks are in for within the first ten minutes of the first quarter.....

i do remember someone on talk radio (maybe golic) saying that the 49ers and Montana only ran about 12 plays.....but they ran them to perfection....and as a defense they couldnt stop it.....he went on to say....as oppossed to sam wyche's 100 plays that they couldn't execute...that made it easy for the defense...
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I dunno who the huddle playcaller was, but I did notice Snyder signalling plays in and him holding his hand in a circle over his eyeball looks like a pretty obvious signal for "spy" which would mean that there is a linebacker or maybe even a safety over on D that wouldn't be helping out in coverage. If anybody signalling plays into the opposing offense picked up on that aspect of the defense's playcalling that could point to some glaring opportunities if I'm the guy calling plays.
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