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Buckeye safeties

Discussion in 'Buckeye Archives' started by LordJeffBuck, Jan 4, 2020.

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  1. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    Ohio State PlayerDate of GameOhio State OpponentScore of GameW / L / TType
    Chris Olave09/14/2019Indiana51 - 10WBlocked punt through end zone
    Team11/10/2018Michigan State26 - 6WSnap through end zone
    Keandre Jones11/03/2018Nebraska36 - 31WBlocked punt through end zone
    Dre'Mont Jones09/23/2017UNLV54 - 21WTackle in end zone
    Terry McLaurin10/22/2016Penn State21 - 24LTackle in end zone
    Team09/27/2014Cincinnati50 - 28WTackle in end zone
    Team01/03/2014Clemson (Orange Bowl)35 - 40LIntentional grounding in end zone
    Team11/16/2013Illinois60 - 35WTackle in end zone
    Cameron Heyward09/18/2010Ohio University43 - 7WTackle in end zone
    Robert Rose10/03/2009Indiana33 - 14WTackle in end zone
    Team09/12/2009Southern Cal15 - 18LSnap through end zone
    Malcolm Jenkins11/15/2008Illinois30 - 20WBlocked punt through end zone
    Team10/18/2003Iowa19 - 10WSnap though end zone
    Team09/14/2002Washington State25 - 7WSnap though end zone
    Team11/24/2001Michigan26 - 20WSnap through end zone
    Team11/10/2001Purdue35 - 9WTackle in end zone
    Kenny Peterson11/10/2001Purdue35 - 9WTackle in end zone
    Winfield Garnett01/03/1998Florida State (Sugar Bowl)14 - 31LForced out of end zone
    Team11/19/1994Michigan22- 6WTackle in end zone
    Luke Fickell09/24/1994Houston52 - 0WTackle in end zone
    Craig Griffey12/27/1990Air Force (Liberty Bowl)11 - 27LTackle in end zone
    Team09/24/1988Louisiana State36 - 33WIntentionally ran out of end zone
    Sonny Gordon11/02/1985Iowa22 - 13WBlocked punt through end zone
    Kevin Richardson11/03/1984Indiana50 - 7WBlocked punt through end zone
    Byron Lee10/16/1982Illinois26 - 21WTackle in end zone
    Jim Cope11/11/1972Michigan State12 - 19LBlocked punt through end zone
    Team10/15/1966Michigan State8 - 11LSnap through end zone
    Team10/05/1963Indiana21 - 0WTackle in end zone
    William Armstrong & Thomas Jenkins10/14/1961Illinois44 - 0WTackle in end zone
    Team11/05/1960Indiana36 - 7WSnap through end zone
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
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