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Buckeye Rushing TDs of 50+ Yards (by length)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Archives' started by LordJeffBuck, Dec 12, 2019.

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  1. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    Ohio State RusherDate of GameOhio State OpponentScore of GameW / L / TYardage
    Morris Bradshaw10/23/1971Wisconsin31 - 6W88
    Eddie George11/04/1995Minnesota41 - 3W87
    J.T.Barrett11/15/2014Minnesota31 - 24W86
    Ezekiel Elliott01/01/2015Alabama (Sugar Bowl)42 - 35W85
    Gene Fekete11/07/1942Pittsburgh59 - 19W84
    Mike Weber11/11/2017Michigan State48 - 3W82
    Tim Spencer09/12/1981Duke34 - 13W82
    Ezekiel Elliott12/06/2014Wisconsin (Big Ten Championship)59 - 0W81
    Braxton Miller11/05/2011Indiana34 - 20W81
    Ezekiel Elliott09/07/2015Virginia Tech42 - 24W80
    Derek Combs10/07/2000Wisconsin23 - 7W80
    Joe Montgomery11/14/1998Iowa45 - 14W80
    Michael Wiley09/12/1998Toledo49 - 0W76
    Eddie George10/15/1994Michigan State23 - 7W76
    Rex Kern10/24/1970Illinois48 - 29W76
    Ezekiel Elliott10/03/2015Indiana34 - 27W75
    Jeff Logan09/11/1976Michigan State49 - 21W75
    Paul Warfield11/10/1962Indiana10 - 7W75
    Curtis Samuel10/22/2016Penn State21 - 24L74
    Robert Ferguson10/01/1960Southern Cal20 - 0W74
    Master Teague10/18/2019Northwestern52 - 3W73
    Tim Spencer11/07/1981Minnesota31- 35L73
    Kirk Herbstreit11/09/1991Minnesota35 - 6W72
    Cornelius Greene09/29/1973Texas Christian37 - 3W72
    Robert Klein11/18/1961Oregon22 - 12W72
    Jonathan Wells10/06/2001Northwestern 38 - 20W71
    Braxton Miller11/16/2013Illinois60 - 35W70
    Scottie Graham10/30/1989Boston College34 - 29W70
    Robert Smith10/20/1990Purdue42 - 2W69
    Paul Warfield11/25/1961Michigan50 - 20W69
    J.K. Dobbins12/28/2019Clemson (Fiesta Bowl)23 - 29L68
    Ted Ginn, Jr.01/02/2006Notre Dame (Fiesta Bowl)34 - 20W68
    Archie Griffin09/29//1973Texas Christian37 - 3W68
    J.K. Dobbins10/05/2019Michigan State34 - 10W67
    Braxton Miller10/13/2012Indiana52 - 49W67
    Jaamal Berry09/25/2010Eastern Michigan73 - 20W67
    Antonio Pittman10/29/2005Minnesota45 - 31W67
    Keith Byars10/13/1984Illinois45 - 38W67
    David Brungard10/28/1967Illinois13 - 17L67
    Ron Springs10/08/1977Purdue46 - 0W66
    Robert Klein10/13/1962Illinois51 - 15W66
    Ezekiel Elliott10/03/2015Indiana34 - 27W65
    Ezekiel Elliott11/22/2014Indiana42 - 27W65
    Braxton Miller09/01/2012Miami of Ohio56 - 10W65
    Beanie Wells01/07/2007Louisiana State (BCS Championship)24 - 38L65
    Jonathan Wells10/27/2001Penn State27 - 29L65
    Pepe Pearson10/19/1996Purdue42 - 14W64
    Eddie George11/11/1995Illinois41 - 3W64
    Robert Smith11/14/1992Indiana27 - 10W64
    Carlos Hyde10/08/2011Nebraska27 - 34L63
    Bob Atha11/01/1980Michigan State48 - 16W63
    Jaymes Bryant11/04/1989Northwestern52 - 27W63
    Beanie Wells11/17/2007Michigan14 - 3W62
    Ron Springs10/30/1976Indiana47 - 7W62
    John Brockington10/17/1970Minnesota28 - 8W62
    Tim Spencer12/17/1982Brigham Young (Holiday Bowl)17 - 9W61
    J.K. Dobbins09/07/2019Cincinnati42 - 0W60
    Antonio Pittman01/02/2006Notre Dame (Fiesta Bowl)34 - 20W60
    Scottie Graham10/14/1989Indiana35 - 31W60
    Pete Johnson10/25/1975Purdue35 - 6W60
    Maurice Clarett08/24/2002Texas Tech45 - 21W59
    Beanie Wells11/22/2008Michigan42 - 7W59
    Carlos Snow10/15/1988Purdue26 - 31L58
    Pete Johnson09/11/1976Michigan State49 - 21W58
    John Wooldridge11/02/1985Iowa22 - 13W57
    Cornelius Greene09/14/1974Minnesota34 - 19W57
    Tom Matte10/08/1960Illinois34 - 7W57
    Antonio Pittman11/18/2006Michigan42 - 39W56
    Ezekiel Elliott10/03/2015Indiana34 - 27W55
    Ezekiel Elliott10/24/2015Rutgers49 - 7W55
    Carlos Hyde11/16/2013Illinois60 - 35W55
    Braxton Miller09/15/2012California35 - 28W55
    Beanie Wells11/08/2008Northwestern45 - 10W55
    Cal Murray10/28/1978Northwestern63 - 20W55
    Cornelius Greene10/27/1973Northwestern60 - 0W55
    Braxton Miller11/30/2013Michigan42 - 41W53
    Terrelle Pryor09/25/2010Eastern Michigan73 - 20W53
    Daniel Herron10/31/2009New Mexico State45 - 0W53
    Michael Wiley11/21/1998Michigan31 - 16W53
    Lenny Willis11/02/1974Illinois49 - 7W53
    J.K. Dobbins10/14/2017Nebraska56 - 14W52
    J.K. Dobbins09/16/2017Army38 - 7W52
    Beanie Wells11/18/2006Michigan42 - 39W52
    Robert Ferguson10/22/1960Wisconsin34 - 7W52
    Justin Fields08/31/2019Florida Atlantic45 - 21W51
    Carlos Hyde11/16/2013Illinois60 - 35W51
    Maurice Hall11/06/2004Michigan State32 - 19W51
    Lydell Ross10/20/2001San Diego State27 - 12W51
    Eddie George10/14/1995Wisconsin27 - 16W51
    Joey Galloway09/05/1992Louisville20 - 19W50
    Keith Byars09/22/1984Iowa45 - 26W50
    Tim Spencer10/25/1980Wisconsin21 - 0W50
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2019
  2. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    Buckeyes with Rushing TDs of 50+ Yards

    Ohio State RusherNumberLength of TDs
    Ezekiel Elliott885, 81, 80, 75, 65, 65, 55, 55
    Braxton Miller581, 70, 65, 55, 53
    Beanie Wells565, 62, 59, 55, 52
    J.K. Dobbins568, 67, 60, 52, 52
    Eddie George487, 76, 64, 51
    Tim Spencer382, 61, 50
    Cornelius Greene372, 57, 55
    Antonio Pittman367, 60, 56
    Carlos Hyde363, 55, 51
    Michael Wiley276, 53
    Paul Warfield275, 69
    Robert Ferguson274, 52
    Robert Klein272, 66
    Jonathan Wells271, 65
    Scottie Graham270, 60
    Robert Smith269, 64
    Keith Byars267, 50
    Ron Springs266, 62
    Pete Johnson260, 58
    Morris Bradshaw188
    J.T. Barrett186
    Gene Fekete184
    Mike Weber182
    Derek Combs180
    Joe Montgomery180
    Rex Kern176
    Jeff Logan175
    Curtis Samuel174
    Master Teague173
    Kirk Herbstreit172
    Ted Ginn, Jr.168
    Archie Griffin168
    Jaamal Berry167
    David Brungard167
    Pepe Pearson164
    Bob Atha163
    Jaymes Bryant163
    John Brockington162
    Maurice Clarett159
    Carlos Snow158
    John Wooldridge157
    Tom Matte157
    Calvin Murray155
    Daniel Herron153
    Lenny Willis153
    Justin Fields151
    Maurice Hall151
    Lydell Ross151
    Joey Galloway150
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2019
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