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I noticed we hit a record of over 200 users on line yesterday afternoon. Probably Mark Sanchez or Rob S. related.

Thats good to see the record occur during such a slow time of year. Come fall camp we should be close to 300, with everyone looking for practice updates.

Seven more weeks.

I've got the fever.......bad

:oh: :io:
Other than this being the football and basketball off-season, this has been a perfect storm of sorts for this place. NCAA investigation, basketball coach hiring and firing, a hot-shit recruiting battle, BN pissing off even more of it's members, the release of NCAA 2005 - all of it has brought a ton of new traffic. I just hope there isn't a moron invasion in the works.
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Here are the number of new members we've gotten since the beginning of July. 139 to be exact, not counting today.

Date Total
July 01, 2004 10
July 02, 2004 3
July 03, 2004 3
July 04, 2004 5
July 05, 2004 4
July 06, 2004 2
July 07, 2004 12
July 08, 2004 19
July 09, 2004 10
July 10, 2004 11
July 11, 2004 15
July 12, 2004 18
July 13, 2004 6
July 14, 2004 21
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LoKyBuckeye said:
I think it's been up since May of 2003... maybe someone can give the exact date. It's been a little over a year.

EDIT: looks like we replied at the same time Skins.

:oh: :io:

May 11, 2003. Aside from Clarity and two of his pseudo-names he uses for administration and testing, I was the first member (member #4) and my join date is May 11, 2003.
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