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LGHL Buckeye commit accepts invite to USA Basketball U-17 camp

Geoff Hammersley

Buckeye commit accepts invite to USA Basketball U-17 camp
Geoff Hammersley
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


For Ohio State, having a 2017 commit play amongst the best in the nation is always a good sign

"He's the only player currently committed to Ohio State in 2017, but he won't be the only Buckeye recruiting target in Colorado Springs."

Bill Landis, cleveland.com

If you're a Buckeye fan, you have to like what you're seeing from the future members that will suit up in the scarlet and grey inside the Schottenstein Center.

From next season's recruiting class, center Kaleb Wesson (Westerville South) has accepted an offer to participate in the USA Basketball U17 camp in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The camp will take place from June 10-22, and the finalized roster will take part in the FIBA World Championships in Spain (June 23 to July 3).

If you're curious, here is a list of all the talented rising stars that will be part of the camp. A total of 39 will tryout for 13 spots on the official team.

As Landis has pointed out, quite a few of the invitees are Buckeye targets. Some of those targets include: Troy Brown, Nojel Easton and Gary Trent Jr. – all of which are targets in the 2017 class.

"The biggest thing, I think, that he’s done is he’s settled down and understands this is really what I want to do and I want to be good at it."

Hue Jackson on former Buckeye Terrelle Pryor, by Michael David Smith (NBC Sports)

Back in the Oakland days, Jackson brought Pryor into the NFL via a third round pick in the supplemental NFL Draft. Now, in Cleveland, they both are reunited again. Recently, Jackson talked about Pryor, and how he's evolved over the past few seasons.

"He’s been around it a little bit. He knows what to expect, what to do, what not to do," said Jackson, as written in the article by Smith.

As you may recall, Pryor turned to the NFL Draft as the NCAA came down on Ohio State as the memorabilia-for-tattoos investigate came to light. Considering that Pryor has still found a home in the NFL after being part of that supplemental draft shows that he has the skill sets to play on the professional gridiron.

Here's hoping that Pryor can be another Buckeye that is dominating after putting up the scarlet and grey uniform.

"However, the Buckeyes are seen as a three- or four-loss team by one Las Vegas sportsbook."

David Purdham, ESPN.com

Yes, it's the offseason, and that means it's time for the way-too-early-but-we-need-to-throw-down-some-projection from bookies.

Up first is The Golden Nugget Sportsbook, which has Ohio State sitting at 8.5 wins this upcoming season.

Las Vegas Golden Nugget says over/under for wins for Ohio State is 8.5. Michigan 9.0, Michigan State 8.0. #Buckeyes https://t.co/U39VncNgtq

— Jim Naveau (@Lima_Naveau) May 20, 2016

*cue the panic*

While Ohio State has to reload (not rebuild) the cabinet after watching 12 Buckeyes get their named called in the first four rounds of the draft, the program has done exceptionally well since Meyer took over the program.

Now, with the Michigan Bros. projected to dance around the Buckeyes 8.5 margin of wins, expect this season to have some twist-and-turns, just like any other season.

However, if you're in Vegas, I would definitely take Ohio State on the 8.5 over.


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