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Administrator Emeritus
Instint replay is coming ... Instant replay is coming! (by the book)
written by 3yardsandacloud (5/31/2004)

The implementation of instant replay will be very confusing for the casual fan. Here's how it works (in theory):

The Technical Advisor
All stoppages and reviews will be conducted by a Technical Advisor in a secure area of the press box. Neither game officials nor coaches will have the ability to stop game action in order to have the immediately completed play reviewed. All such stoppages and reviews will be conducted by a Technical Advisor in a secure area of the press box. The Technical Advisor will have the sole authority to change a call, or no call, on the field. The Technical advisor will only stop play when he has "indisputable video evidence". Technical Advisors are former college and/or NFL officials who observe, evaluate and rate game officials' performances and mechanics during games. They report and are rated and evaluated by Dave Parry, the coordinator of officials. To summarize, instant replay will NOT the same as it is in the NFL. No red flags, no set amount of reviews per teams, no special rules for the last 2 minutes of a game.

What will the Technical Advisor be basing his rulings/decisions on?
All reviewable video will come direct from the television network broadcasting the game (ABC Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Plus Television) and no other source. If an intraconference game will not be televised, then the Big Ten will arrange for video exposure of the game in order to provide the same, consistent coverage throughout the Conference season. Replay CAN be available for non-conference games with the approval of the visiting team.

The Technical Advisor will signal the officials on the field that he is reviewing a play, and that game action should be halted. The Technical Advisor will then view replays for as long as necessary to determine whether indisputable video evidence exists for the ruling on the field to be acknowledged as incorrect. Once reviewed the Technical Advisor will notify the referee of the correct call, and time, down and distance, who will announce such to the crowd. Communication between the Technical Advisor in the press box and the referee on the field will be by radio (with a backup phone line). The decision to stop the game must be made before the ball is snapped. Similar to the NFL, if a team is in a hurry-up offense, it may curtail the ability to completely review some plays. There is no limit to the number of plays that may be reviewed. No timeouts are lost due to review of a play AND the game clock IS correctable by the Technical Advisor.

The following plays are subject to review under instant replay:

Plays governed by Sideline, Goal Line, End Zone, and End Line.
• Scoring Plays, including a runner breaking the plane of the goal line.
• Pass complete/incomplete/intercepted at sideline, goal line, end zone, and end line.
• Runner/receiver in or out of bounds.
• Recovery of loose ball in or out of bounds.

Passing Plays:
• Pass ruled complete/incomplete/intercepted in the field of play.
• Touching of a forward pass by an ineligible receiver.
• Touching of a forward pass by a defensive player.
• Quarterback (Passer) forward pass or fumble
• Illegal forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage.
• Illegal forward pass after change of possession.
• Forward or backward pass thrown from behind the line of scrimmage.

Other Detectable Infractions:
• Runner ruled not down by defensive contact.
• Forward progress with respect to first down.
• Touching of a kick.
• Number of players on field.

The following plays are NOT subject to review under instant replay:
• Holding
• Off-sides
• Pass interference
• Personal fouls (late hits)
• Illegal blocks
• Illegal formations
• Face mask
• Taunting / excessive celebration
• False starts
• Roughing passer / kicker
• Fighting participants

Well, there's your Instant Replay primer. Get ready to answer lots of questions from the casual fan this season. The major differences between this system and what the NFL uses will be confusing to say the least. I'm sure that may questions will be addressed by the BigTen and it's officials long before the start of the season ... I hope.

How do you think Instant Replay will affect games this season? Respond here: Buckeye Blog 6/5/04