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Buckeye Blog - 6/11/04


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Who is coming to visit??
written by Buckskin86 and BuckNutty (6/5/2004)

This is the time of the year where recruits get a chance to unofficially visit schools. Most recruits try to attend camps at the schools that they are interested in while others just take unofficial visits. tOSU has one of the largest, most popular camps in the country.

http://ohiostatebuckeyes.collegesports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/fbcamp.html)]OHIO STATE FOOTBALL CAMP[/URL]

Kicking & Long Snapping June 16&17
All Positions Session 1 June 18-21
All Positions Session 2 June 22-25
Senior Advanced June 26 or June 27

Most recruits will attend one or both days of the Senior Advanced Camp on June 26 & 27.


Read the rest here...
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A few more for the list

Paul Selmon OL Montgomery, Al
Avery Atkins DB Daytona Mainland
Demetrice Morely DB Miami Killian Fl
Matt Moss DB Huber Hts Wayne OH
David Bruton DB Miamisburg OH
Brian Truelove OL GA
Melvin Rice DB Chicago (Morgan Park) IL
Neal Jone DE Orlando (Dr. Phillips) FL
Austin Spitler LB Bellbrook Ohio

Joe Akers OL MD

If anyone has any additions or subtractions please note on this thread. Hopefully by camp time we will have close to complete list. Note we are also trying to include names of prospects that just plan on visiting and not camping with tOSU.

We also did not include Ringer and Harrison but hopefully they will have a change of heart and camp in C-bus.
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Well, as you might have surmised, this blog is actually a "teaser" and links to the "real" thing in the blog forum. This is only a "work around". Soon the blogs in the blog forum will automatically place a "teaser" on the front page and this "work around" will no longer be needed. So leave your notes in the comment section there. Not here, for this thread will get deleted eventually.

Thanks 3yards.
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