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Buckeye Blog - 5/27/04


Administrator Emeritus
Welcome to the first installment of the “The Buckeye Blog”
written by Buckskin86 (5/27/2004)

What's a blog?

“A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.

It will be whatever BP “posters” want it to be.

Our vision is to create a “crib sheet” of what is happening in the Buckeye “Planet”. We view it as the “Post of the Day” or a “Featured Article” or maybe a “Column” from the BuckeyePlanet staff of volunteer writers. It will be a space where different people (bloggers/writers) will take a topic (news of the day or whatever is of interest to them) and write a more detailed and in-depth piece (in this space) than a general posting on the message board.

Posting will happen whenever it is convenient for the writers. If that means several different articles posted on one day ... so be it. If that means no articles posted some days ... that's OK as well .

This space is simply a place where Buckeye Planet posters can post expanded views on news surrounding the Buckeyes and College Sports. Hopefully it will be a valuable resource for the “casual” Buckeye fan who just wants the highlights around The Buckeye “Planet”.

Special thanks to 3Yds who has been the driving force behind the The Buckeye Blog and Clarity who has given us our Buckeye home.

Now to some news……

The Buckeyes received a verbal commitment for the 2005 recruiting class today. Mission Viejo, Calif., defensive end Ryan Williams joins OLineman Alex Boone, Jim Cordle , DB Jamario O'Neal and “gray-shirts” K Aaron Pettrey and QB Joe Bauserman as the 6th member of the 2005 recruiting class.

Williams was born in Washington Court House, Ohio and still has family there. It was always his dream to play for the Buckeyes. Ryan had 75 tackles and 6 sacks last year in helping his team finish with a 13-1 record.

tOSU has also offered Ryan’s highly touted teammate QB Mark Sanchez . Sanchez is a considered a top 5 QB in the ’05 class. Maybe Ryan can help sway Mark to C-bus??

The next verbals that are expected include Todd Denlinger and Adam Myers- White who are both heavy Buckeye leans. This could potentially give tOSU 5-6 Top 100 ’05 players. A pretty spectacular start to the recruiting season. For a projection of what the ’05 class can look like click here .
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