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BTN #BTNStandout: Ohio State’s Daniel Giddens throws down two huge dunks

  • Thread starter Sean Merriman, BTN.com
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Sean Merriman, BTN.com

#BTNStandout: Ohio State’s Daniel Giddens throws down two huge dunks
Sean Merriman, BTN.com web editor via Big Ten Network

Ohio State freshman big man Daniel Giddens put on a dunk show in the first half of the Buckeyes’ Big Ten opener against Minnesota. [ MORE: Check out other #BTNStandout performances ] The first highlight-reel dunk from Giddens came early on in the first half with OSU holding onto a 13-4 lead over the Gophers. JaQuan Lyle threw a picture-perfect alley-oop pass that Giddens grabbed and threw down a reverse dunk. Check it out in the video below. Hello, Daniel Giddens! Watch the @OhioStateHoops diaper dandy throw down a reverse alley-oop slam! https://t.co/0T96DAvUuv — Ohio State on BTN (@OhioStateOnBTN) December

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