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BTN BTN’s Danan Hughes previews Big Ten baseball tournament

BTN.com staff

BTN’s Danan Hughes previews Big Ten baseball tournament
BTN.com staff via Big Ten Network

The 2016 Big Ten Baseball Tournament starts Wednesday morning at TD Ameritrade Park, home of the College World Series. [ MORE: Follow @dahughesguy83 on Twitter | Watch every game on BTN2Go ] The eight-team, double-elimination field includes up to 15 games, culminating with the final Sunday afternoon. View the full tournament bracket. Before No. 3 Indiana and No. 6 Maryland get things started at 10 a.m. ET Wednesday, we caught up with BTN analyst and former Iowa two-sport star Danan Hughes. BTN.com: Which team enters the event with the most momentum? DH: That would have to be Nebraska. It ended

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