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Browns fans: How is Winslow going to be received at home games?


Be water my friend.
Just curious about how Browns fans feel about KWII. I have been a Browns fan for the last 25 years and I know that I will not be able to bring myself to cheer for this bum.

How do the Browns fans out there feel that Kellen will be received at Browns home games. Will he get cheered or jeered? I never thought the day would come when I wouldn't be able to root for a Browns player, but this guy has made it very tough to root for him.
I think he will get boos and cheers. Since the media likes to concestrate on the negative they will make it sound much more worse that it is. I don't see it being a factor after the first few games... the fans that hate him already will get over it if he produces (like grad said). But if he becomes another bust the fans will be all over him until he leaves Cleveland. I see him being a middle of the road player... maybe the pro bowl in a few years, maybe not.

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He will be treated like all Cleveland athletes. He will be hit with trash and beer cans, cheered when injured, and then vilified when he leaves for more money and more wins when management bungles his resigning. Fairly typical stuff.
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Winslow will be accepted based on how well he plays...it's that simple. He's not going to get booed off the field if he goes 12-125-2, and he will if he goes 1-6-0 and drops a few. It's a business, and CLeveland is so desparate for playmakers in the passing game, they'll cheer wildly if he lights up the scoreboard, and boo him if his attitude/skill ratio is too high.
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I was a Browns fan from c.1970 until Art hired the U-Hauls and moved to Baltimore. I was cautiously optimistic when the team returned in 1999, but a series of ill-conceived moves over the first five season caused my interest to wane greatly - simply put, the team has no stars and no personalities; I don't feel a bond with any of the players. KWII is pretty much the last straw for me - I'll stick with the college game for now.
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I'd like to see if any former Vols hold a grudge for the soldja's comments from last year.

I'm with LJB-since Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore it just isn't the same. I don't follow the pros unless it's raining on Sunday. Otherwise I just go fishing.
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I may be alone here, but I don't think KWII is going to be a great NFL TE. As a wideout, he'd be unstoppable. As a TE, I think he's going to get abused in blocking sets. I can be convinced otherwise, but KWII doesn't strike me as a great blocker.... And, I do hate to admit it, but for a TE, he makes catches that most simply cannot make.. the one on 4th and a bundle against WVU last year comes to mind.... I hate the guy, but that was one hell of a catch.
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