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Browns - Don't Trade Up!

Hey Stanford, how many threads are you going to start on this very topic?

Here's what our Stanford friend was linking to:

Message to the Browns - Please Don't Trade Up
The Beacon Journal is reporting that the Browns might trade up and grab the number one pick to draft the top offensive lineman - Robert Gallery. I haven't followed the draft this closely, but unless the Browns are sure, really sure, know without a doubt that this guy is going to be a stud off the bat, this would not be a good move. Trading up means we are going to have to pay a ransom of players and other picks that we desperately need. Additionally, for a number one or two pick, the salary demands are sure to bust our cap for the next few years, and to add insult to injury there is also the fact that we are dealing with the draft projection of talent here. We all remember Couch, Courtney Brown, Warren. Those players were supposed to be the real deals, mostly they just cost us salary cap room.

While I commend the Browns on finally deciding the last two years to invest in their woeful offensive line, desperation often breeds rash and ill advised moves when it comes to talent acquisition. I hope the Browns don't make one.
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The signing of a 34 year old QB should tell us that the Browns are starting over.
They didn't sign Garcia to take them to a super Bowl. They signed him to keep fan interest up while he plays and grooms the QB of the future.
Ben Roethlesberger(sp?).
This team is clearly starting over. A team starting over or even an expansion team usually begins that building process with a franchise type Qb. That is if one is available to them. Big Ben should be available with the #7 pick and I think he will be a great NFL Qb. He's a physical speciman that has a gun for an arm.
Then in the next two years as the Browns play Garcia, they can continue to address the offensive line via draft and free agency. Ben begins the '06 season as the starter and he will have a quality rebuilt line around center Jeff Faine.
Butch will be given the time to rebuild. That is why the front office gave him a new contract. Butch convinced them to allow him to dump Couch and begin a new building program that will take three years to develope strong playoff team.
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Chargers- Manning
Raiders- Mike Williams
Cardinals- Larry Fitzgerald
Giants- Gallery
Redskins- S. Taylor
Lions- Winslow
Brwons- Roethlisberger

This is just a guess.
The Chargers won't be able to live with themselves if they don't pick Manning.
The Raiders need WR's desperately
The Cardinals are willing to give Mcnown a chance after strong late season performance. They can't pass on this WR to team up with last years best rookie WR.
The Giants run game was horrible last year. Their current left tackle has played the right side and will make room for Gallery.
The Redskins need a lot of help defensively and Gibbs is a defensive guy that gave up a defensive player to obtain the RB he needed.
The Lions defense is pretty darn good and their QB situation is set. They need another play maker on offense. They Could also trade down to someone like Denver who wants Winslow and grab a running back in Denver' spot.
With Gallery gone as well as Taylor, this leaves Ben to fill their needs for years to come.
Also, If Garcia does go down for an extended period of time they will want something other than Kelly Holcomb. They'll push Roethlisberger into a starting spot before they hand the team to Holcomb.
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No way do the Raiders take M Williams with the 2nd pick. There are way too many great receivers in the draft to take one 2nd. They'll probably take Gallery(if he's there) at 2 and take one of the receivers with the early second.

When is Butch Davis going to realize that Couch was'nt the biggest problem ?

Spend some money on o-linemen !! (or draft another one)

:oh: :io:
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There is also no way Detroit takes Winslow, either. Their head coach probably still has nightmares from the last head case "superstar" he had (T.Owens).

I have never been able to stand the Browns (either one of them), so I would hope they would take an off. lineman if they had the 1st pick of the draft. Then I would drive down to Euclid Beach and watch the fans burn down the city.

You Browns fans just better hope that the person evaluating off. line talent is not the same person who has been doing the same job for def. line talent. :biggrin:
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After Williams(USC), Williams(Texas) and Fitzgerald there is no other dominating type WR.
If the Raiders wait untill the second round they could land Lee Evans or Michael Jenkins. The Raiders will definately draft a Wr or two and I just don't think they can wait and hope a second rounder will come through for them.
Owners not only think of championships, they think of ticket sales and a star receiver like the home town kid from USC would boost their sales.


The Browns fans certainly wouldn't be burning down the town if they could land Gallery.
Most seem to want Gallery or S. Taylor.
I don't think either will be there.
Personally, I think Roethlisberger would be a bad pick.
If I couldn't get Taylor or Gallery then I'd try to trade down to some team like San Fran that wants a WR. Maybe get an extra pick.

Who else will be on Detroit's short list? In the Lions section of the Sporting news they have been talking about Winslow a lot. If they don't want him then their best bet may be to try and trade down as well.
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I've seen the predictions that the Giants will take Gallery, but it's starting to sound like he may be gone before that. Roethlisberger might be the guy they are looking at if he's there. The Giants sent head coach Tom Coughlin, offensive coordinator John Hufnagel, QB coach Kevin Gilbride and GM Ernie Accorsi to his workout(Actually it's Miami(OH)s).

This is from NFL.com - "One Giants personnel guy said to me, "I've seen enough," as in Roethlisberger can't get any better. Another person there said, "If Al Davis passes on him, he's making a big mistake." "

I know coaches and GMs always blow smoke but almost all of the reports I've read about his workout were extremely positive.

Personally I would like Gallery w/o trading up, and if he isn't available, trade down and get multiple players for the OL. I'll probably be OK as long as we don't pick Winslow, or another Mike Junkin. nbcsports.com has Cleveland taking Gamble?
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There are plenty of dominating WR in the draft besides the big 3. In the second round, I'd gladly take 1 from among:
Reggie Williams
Mark Clayton
Rashaun Woods
Lee Evans
Dev Henderson
Dev Darling
and last, but certainly not least, Mike Jenkins.

Although it's not the 'pretty' pick , when you have the chance to have a STUD tackle, you've got to take it. Gallery is everyones' concensus stud o-lineman, with Andrews being a DISTANT second.

I'll take a stud lineman over a stud WR any day of the week. You can always get good receivers, but not stud o-lineman.
:oh: :io:
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I wouldn't put those guys anywhere near the top three that I said were dominating.

I agree completely on lineman vs. WR
I'm just trying to predict what the owners will do.
After reading what xevious posted I could see the Giants drafting Roethlisberger
Up until now, I haven't seen much concerning The Giants wish for a QB. If Gallery is gone,they sure could use a young WR. Also, their new coach is a defensive guy and a player on defense wouldn't have shocked me.
It sounds as if they must be intersested in BR.
Who do you guys think will be the Browns 1st pick?

The Browns picking Gamble is proof that these so called experts know very little about each team and their needs.
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First off, the Browns moving up to the #1 pick isn't going to happen because they don't have the talent that anyone would trade for.

Second, Unfortunately, I live in the Cleveland area, and so, whether I want to hear it or not, I'm always hearing about the Browns. And the "Choosen One" (that's real funny). Even I know that Garcia is not the answer for the Browns (even if he can stop drinking for a few months). So IF the Browns were to somehow get the #1 pick, and they took anybody other than Manning/Roethlisberger with that pick, the saying "all hell would break loose" up here would be putting it mildly. For the fans to burn down the city would probably just be wishful thinking on my part. But the wrath of the Browns fans, especially after last year, would be massive. I don't even understand the reasoning of someone who would take the best off. lineman in college football today over Manning.

Ashlandbuck, if Detroit takes Winslow with their 1st pick, then I will not post on this site for one month from the day of the draft. If they don't, you will do the same. Deal? If Winslow is not available when Detroit picks, deal's off. Let me know.
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