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Bowl outlook, and Orange bowl


Dr. Woods has told the band that in his bowl meetings they believe that we are most likely headed to the Orange (he did confirm rumors that they are eyeing a rematch with the canes), Capital One, or Fiesta, in that order. An interesting topic of note that was then discussed was the Orange bowl, as it is the only bowl game that does not feature the respective college marching bands at halftime. Instead they have a superbowl style halftime show. This means that instead of seeing the Ohio State University Marching band at halftime, our loyal fans (according to the OB website) would be treated to Jessica Simpson, and Nick Leche. Dr. Woods has said that if we go to the OB, he will do everything he can to try and talk them into allowing us to perform a post-game show, but if not allowed, we will be limited to only a 5 minute pregame performance. We will perform a double script ohio regardless of what happens, but if we only have 5 min, I believe the double script take about 3 min, and will not leave us with much time to perform a whole lot else.

I just thought I would like to hear your thoughts on this situation. I personally think it is rediculous that any bowl game would bring in a pop singer to replace the traditional performance of college marching bands at bowl games. If it does happen, I kind of hope that buckeye fans let them know clearly how they feel.
How pathetic is that ? Of course, if they knew TBDBITL would be available, how could they still choose Jessica Simpson ? UGH !!!

On a side note, I see the Orange Bowl website has a nice package for like $290. For that , you get 2 tickets, parking pass, some other garbage, and the guarantee that you can buy a ticket to next years championship game.
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Geez, I'm a geeked up for the Jessica Simpson, Chicken of the Sea (Tuna) halftime show! :biggrin:

That's disappointing. I guess that the pagentry of college football just isn't enough anymore. There will be so many people in the stands that aren't affiliated with either school and could care less about the game that some other form of entertainment is needed. WEAK.
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Jessica Simpson is at her best when she doesn't say anything. Although she is as hot as a forest fire, she is as shallow as a mud puddle. When you combine her and Mr. Lachey(sp?) you have a combined IQ score of 98. What they are is a bunch of industry puppets. Their songs are written for them by song writers, all that they have to do is sing and look pretty.

To think that America would rather see this than one of the most fabled traditions in college football boggles my mind. In a lot of ways the networks, and bowls have lost touch with what the viewers want. I hate cheesy ass halftime shows, even Monday night football is trying this superstar approach to bolster ratings. Newsflash, bringing OSU into a bowl game will automatically bolster your ratings due to our huge fan base.

March on TBDBITL, March on!!! :shake:

(disclaimer: Sorry for that cheesy statement at the end, I could not resist)
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What package has the "guarantee that you can buy a ticket to next years championship game"... I found some packages, but none for next years NC game...??

Do you have a link, or anything to help me...?
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Go to Orangebowl.com. The popup states " buy tickets this year and guarantee tickets to the 2005 Championship game". If thats the case, and the Buckeyes make the Orange Bowl this year, then they may run out of tix for next year!
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I clicked on that and on list list of what that includes it doesn't say anything about the right to purchase ticks for next year... just the link to get there says that...?? My folks have a vacation home a little over an hour and a half north of Miami, and they will be down on the 26th of Dec. not returning until middle of Jan... so they will go to the Orange if they can have the right to buy ticks for next years NC game (thought process is, even if the Bucks don't make it, a national ticket broker would prob. buy the tickets for at least double the price... so you really can not lose...unless USC and Miami play in the NC (or any other team that doesn't travel well)...
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OSUM - I understand with your disappointment, but the band-less pageantry of the Orange Bowl half-time show is a tradition of its own. It is also the only college half-time show that is broadcast in anything close to its entirety. Any appeals to change it are going nowhere.

The good news is the sands may be shifting towards OSU in the Fiesta. The OB director was on 1460 today and was not confident that OSU would still be available when they got to choose. If USC goes to the Sugar they will choose last to fill their bowl.

I for one do not want a rematch with Miami. We took a scalp last year. Let's move on and not let the sobbing Miami fans drag us back into an argument that has already been settled.
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I guess I can somewhat see how you can look at this as a tradition for the OB. It is unique, but I see it as having but one real purpose. That being money. I would guess that the OB broadcast attracts better ratings as many young teens, who wouldn't normally tune in to the game, tune in to watch this halftime show. I for one think that this takes away greatly from the pageantry of college football. Why should this be the only bowl where halftime is shown on the broadcast? Don't these pop stars get enough attention on their own that they don't need to take attention away from hard working college students who can be equally entertaining? I'm a little biased, as I am a band member, and a Music Education major who wishes to direct his own band some day, but I wish that the networks spend a little more time covering halftime shows at college games. I have always felt this way. I really enjoyed watching the halftime show of the Grambling-Southern game. I just think that this is a big part of a college game that goes completely unnoticed unless you are lucky enough to be able to attend the game in person.
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OSUMB, you are so right reg the talking heads at halftime. They waste my time. As for the big halftime show. What big halftime show?? I always watch something else.

I recently got a tape of the 1958 Rose Bowl game which showed the whole halftime show. I also made a copy of that tape and got it to a fellow dorm mate in Baker Hall. He had marched in that halftime show but had never seen it. He was thrilled.
I also have the last tape TBDBITL made in 1989. It is great and I must have played it a thousand times. Question OSUMB, I was told by a band member that the band is planning to put together a new TBDBITL video tape in the near future. Is that true??

Another thought reg the band getting only 5 minutes before the game. What is the cost for sending close to 300 band people to Miami for several days?? Most likely over half a million $.
( I know the band performs several times and I'm glad they/you will be there but I think the University gets screwed by the OB committee).
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Yeah, I understand that many people would like to learn of what else is going on in games around the country during halftime, but there are other ways people could get that info. You can see it all day long on ESPNews or on Sportcenter or any one of the many college gameday update shows throughout the day. I just really wish that they would show the halftime show of the games a little more often.

As far as a video of the band is concerned, I believe it is coming, but I have no idea when it may be that this project is completed. The band just purchased new digital recording equipment this year. I believe they are planning on releasing a DVD video of the band in the future. They are also working on putting together a recruiting video, and a new marching fundamentals training video. Aside from the fact that they are working on it, I don't know much else about it. A recent alumni has been around a lot, recording and interviewing many band members. I'm sure much of this footage could be used for any of these videos. The band also has every practice videotaped from above so it can be reviewd at the beginning of the next days practice, and every performance is filmed from the pressbox.

Hopefully the DVD isn't too far off. Another item of note is the christmas album that the band recorded this year which will be released next fall. We believe we may be the first college band to record a christmas album since there is usually such a busy schedule in the fall that it is really hard to fit such a thing in.
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